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Broward County Clerk of Court
Howard C. Forman
Judge of broward county 17th circut court
Judge John Luzzo
Florida State House

Help return kids from parental kiddnapping to their mother who has custody

    1. Michael Wagner
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      Michael Wagner

      Malta, OH

Over 50 days ago while divorce proceedings were under way the custodial father kidnapped there 2 5 yr old twins under the guide of saftey. The case was heard in the Broward county court and the mother was granted an emergency pick up order to get the kids back into her custody, All attempts were made to try and find him, to no avail. On November 16th Judge Luzzo state that he can't issue a contempt of court because the father needs personally served. I say BS, the father is hiding from DCF, Florida Law Enforcement and refuses to even prove the kids are safe or enrolled in school. He is highly volatile and has already committed drug possession felonies under an alias Carlos Perez, and committed assault and battery on a 14 yr old child that the court threw out because they said the kid is big for his age when did size matter it was a 50 year old man beating down a 14 year old boy. We need to petition for a contempt of court and writ of arrest to have law enforcement help in this search. If judge Luzzo feels the fathers rights are more important than a children's lives who could be in danger the we should also ask him to step down from being a judge. A person like that is why the Broward county court system is such a corrupt and shameful institution

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      Michael Wagner
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      This to help 2 5 year old children from being victimized by their anti-goverment, possible drug addict father


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