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Hamilton County Sheriff's Department

Resignation of Sheriff Jim Hammond

    1. Angelia Stinnett
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      Angelia Stinnett

      Hixson, TN

Violations of Hamilton County Sheriff's Office General Orders 26.1.1.

"Employees shall avoid associations or dealings with persons whom they know are under criminal investigations or criminal indictment, or who have a reputation in the community for present involvement in felonious or criminal behavior, except as necessary to the performance of official duties or where unavoidable because of other personal relationships of that employee." "Employees shall report any violations of the rules or orders of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office by any other employee.

Hammond made calls to the magistrate on behalf of convicted felon, Lonnie Hood, after his New Years Eve arrest for disorderly contact and resisting arrest, a clear violation of Sheriff Department policy. An expedited and redused process for one is unfair to those without partnerships with Sheriff Hammond. Hammond made arrangements for Hood to do his seven days of community service at the Sheriff's Department too, doing unlicensed construction work.

As Sheriff of Hamilton County, Hammond's unethical and unprofessional is unacceptable. We demand is resignation, as means of preserving the integrity and honor of the Sheriff's Department, our deputies, and our county.

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