Halt the Construction of Primate Prison in Puerto Rico
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Halt the Construction of Primate Prison in Puerto Rico

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October 2010


On October 11, 2010, the Puerto Rico senate passed the resolution urging the U.S. government agencies to permanently deny Bioculture permission to import and breed monkeys at a compound in Guayama. In addition, the municipality of Guayama unanimously passed a ban on the import, export, breeding and use of monkeys for experiments within the city's boundaries. These two acts have effectively shut down Bioculture's plan to house and breed more than 4,000 captured monkeys for research and has made it clear that the facility is not welcome in Puerto Rico.


This project has been halted - many thanks to all participants!




If granted permission by the U.S. government, Bioculture Puerto Rico, Inc. will confine more than 4,000 monkeys, force them to breed, and sell their offspring to U.S. and foreign laboratories, where they will be imprisoned, poisoned, mutilated, and killed in experiments. Please sign below to register your opposition to this condemnable project. Thank you!

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