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H.H Dr. Syedna: Stop Female circumcision (Ladkiyon par khatna)
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H.H Dr. Syedna

H.H Dr. Syedna: Stop Female circumcision (Ladkiyon par khatna)

    1. Savegirls Fromfgm
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      Savegirls Fromfgm

      Mumbai, India

Female circumcision is NOT Islamic - it is an African ritual which only the Bohras follow in the subcontinent. It is cruel, inhuman and undemocratic. A girl's clitoris hood is cut off -without anesthesia in most cases. So her sexual desires are subdued. It is terribly unfair and painful and reinforces the stereotype that Islam does not give equal rights to women. Such a barbaric ritual has no place in a progressive community like the Bohras. So we pray to His Holiness to stop this misogynist ritual,

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    • Hanna Jäntti HELSINKI, FINLAND
      • 12 days ago

      No girl should be victim to any mutilation. She's perfect the way she was designed - the way she was born.

    • Taher Kundawala MUMBAI, INDIA
      • 17 days ago

      It is a horrible practice. As a devote Bohra Muslim, I sign this petition to put a stop to FGM.

      • 29 days ago

      C'est absolument atroce d'infliger cela à un être humain!

    • Rene Delgado MORENO VALLEY, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      It is so wrong to do this to females or human. My heart hurts when I saw The Desert Flower movie and read that this is still going on today in different countries.

    • chitra tokas INDIA
      • 2 months ago

      i cannot tolerate it.Its unhumanitarian.


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