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Remove Aspartame

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• Aspartame is a harmful chemical found in everybrand of gum at your local store

• Aspartame is also found in many other “foods” 

• Originally discovered during a search for an ulcer drug in 1966, it was 

  "approved" by the FDA in 1974 as a "food additive".

• Approval was followed by a retraction based on demonstrated public 

  concern over the fact that the substance produced brain tumors in rats.  

• In 1981, under pressure from the soft drink lobby, FDA Commissioner Hayes 

  approved the initial use of aspartame in dry foods and as a tabletop sweetener, 

  discounting public complaints as anecdotal and ignoring three FDA scientists. 

• Research shows aspartame actually stimulates appetite and brings on a    

  craving for carbohydrates and sugary foods. 

• Monsanto, the current owner of NutraSweet, makes more than $1 billion/year

Side Effects of aspartame intoxication include severe headaches, 

nausea, vertigo, insomina, loss of control of limbs, blurred vision, 

blindness, memory loss, slurred speech, mild to severe depression 

often reaching suicidal levels, hyperactivity, gastrointestinal disorders, 

seizures, skin lesions, rashes, anxiety attacks, muscle and joint pain, 

numbness, mood changes, loss of energy, menstrual cramps out of cycle, 

hearing loss or ringing in the ears...  Just to name a few. 

Complaints about aspartame represent 80-85% of all food complaints 

registered with the FDA. More than 6,000 complaints have been made 

concerning the effects of aspartame. Thirty independent doctors and 

scientists have conducted research on the adverse effects of aspartame

Please Read Labels on Food

Before you consume. For you!

Gum Companies
We will boycott gum until you Remove Aspartame!

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