Pardon the Norfolk Four
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Pardon the Norfolk Four

    1. Yvonne Quilenderino
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      Yvonne Quilenderino

      Seaside, CA

The Norfolk Four spent between eight and 11 years in prison for a murder DNA proves another man committed. But while the four men aren't in prison today, they aren't free, either. They are registered sex offenders, limited in society, such as employment or in one man's case, the ability to adopt his step-son. Young men when they were incarcerated, their lives have been forced from them. 

Urge Virginia officials to vacate the convictions of the Norfolk Four and finally clear their names after a decade of injustice.

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    • Yvonne Quilenderino SEASIDE, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      These men had their young adulthood stripped from them because one rogue cop had a complex and an entire legal system looked the other way. Now, 15 years later, even though they are all out of prison, they are still forced to identify as felons. At the very least, this is a blemish on our legal system.


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