Google: No Paid Subscriptions for Youtube Videos!
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Google: No Paid Subscriptions for Youtube Videos!

    1. Jeanelle Lane
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      Jeanelle Lane

      Dallas, TX

Since the purchase of Youtube by Google there have been rumors of charging subscriptions so users can watch free videos. Youtube was founded on the premise that all could upload and share videos for free. Since its purchase the website has been swamped by ads but this is not enough. Google has confirmed that it will try charging users to watch what we once could watch for free. Lets tell Google that we, the undersigned, refuse to pay for subscriptions and keep Youtube free!

No Paid Subscriptions for Youtube Videos!

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    • JT Hale FORNEY, TX
      • over 1 year ago

      This is important to me because by not signing this I am empowering a faceless company to make more money on people like myself, which is rather low on their end.


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