Give Parolees the Vote in New York
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Give Parolees the Vote in New York

    1. Matt Kelley
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      Matt Kelley

      New Haven, CT

New York is one of 30 states that denies voting rights to people on parole. This destructive and unnecessary policy serves to distance formerly incarcerated people from free society and signals to them that they aren't welcome.

Reforms pending before the state legislature would extend voting rights to the formerly incarcerated. Speak up today to encourage New York to take the lead on this critical civil rights issue.

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    1. Tell New York to Support Parolee Voting Rights

      Te-Ping Chen
      Petition Organizer

      There’s no better way to tell released prisoners that they’re not welcome back in free society than by denying them the vote.
      But for years, New York has done just that, along with 30 other states. Yet this year, bills before state lawmakers...


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