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g.h.w.b. gifted humanitarians world peace

fight against the KFKMLKRFKillers

    1. Earnest  G.H.W.B. Verdant
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      Earnest G.H.W.B. Verdant

      I.R.S.Verofy Beach, FL

Because contrary to Fox bitten hippo christains that think they can whip out their forgive me for I have sinned cards in the end, and the rich who put on the poor the God they themselves would find too espensive, as wareligion profiteers without war. If they truly believed, as well as hating dark skinned bothers & sisters six days a week but never on Sunday or Sports day, should have lobotomies by John Hopkins best brain surgeon , himself permantenty tan nationality, as most caucasians and Asian causeless, seek, from the Sun, of the whole one species of racing humans.

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