act against homophobia in sport
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act against homophobia in sport

    1. James Newburrie
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      James Newburrie

      Clayton, Australia

Homophobia in sport is not ok. Using past sporting glory as a platform to attack people and spread hate and fear is also not ok.

Margaret Court was a fantastic tennis player, however as an evangelical christian minister she has been using her profile as one of Australia's premier sporting stars to spread homophobia and hatred while her holding company, Victory Life Centre sells 'gay cures' and 'anti-gay therapy'.

In a country that deifies sporting stars, and where we know 30% of same-sex attracted teens will attempt suicide and acts of serious self-harm (more than twice the 14.5% of straight teens) this is harmful. We welcome Tennis Australia's press release distancing the Australia Open from Margaret Court's views, however actions speak louder than words.

We ask that Tennis Australia take the following two steps:

1. Join the Fair Go, Sport! program run by the Victorian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner; and,
2. Help Australian Open players (who want to) make and publicise 'It gets better' videos.

We ask Tennis Australia to protect the integrity of tennis as a place where the values of sportsmanship, fairness and inclusiveness are paramount. We also note that Margaret Court herself welcomes the rainbow flag flying over the Margaret Court Arena

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      • about 2 years ago

      Should not be Homophobia in any form of life in 2012. Everyone needs to grow up, move on and join this century. Please, Homophobia OMG, why are we still discusssing this.

    • Daniel Reeders FOOTSCRAY, AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      Tennis Australia currently contributes to the public profile Margaret Court is using as a platform to denigrate and shame people whose sexuality is different from her own. I would ask it and the operators of Melbourne Park, location of Margaret Court Arena, to withdraw their support for Court.

      • about 2 years ago

      Because Australia should promote acceptance in every part of society.

    • Andrew Roberts MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      I'm signing this petition, because as a Christian and a gay man I cannot stand idly by and remain silent on the issue of homophobia. Too many young gay people (especially those from a Christian background) are taking their own lives because of the shame and rejection they are faced with. This is not OK anymore and it needs to change!

    • kellie dene PRAHRAN, AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      Because as an atheist and simply as a decent human being, I take particular offence to a person, ANY PERSON, using a bronze aged text to attack a group of people for no just or factual reason.

      Just because she (Margaret Court) once had sporting prowess doesn't give her the right to spread misinformation, gibberish and hate and a clear message needs to be sent back that this is not on. It is she that is in moral decline.


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