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Gaia Liotta Should Return to the Sarah Lawrence Community.

A full medical emotional, physical, and mental assesment beyond BMI

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      New York, NY

Because People are more the there Eating Disorders. They should not be valued by a number on a scale but their growth as an individual. They should not be determined by their past circumstances but the progress they have made and the future they want to have. When medical professionals believe that someone is healthy, emotionally and physically, to pursue an education they should be allowed. When they pursue job, education,and support there family during a divorce and bankruptcy and STILL have made progress they should be allowed to return. When there BMI is four pounds short of goal and they have gained almost TWENTY pounds it can be safely said that upward trend shows progress. I know who I am, I know how I've grown, and I will do anything to go back to this college. Doctor Roy knew me nine months ago when I was struggling with my ED. She doesn't know who I've become, what I have done, and how I am done with my ED. My medical team agrees, the Sarah Lawrence community agrees, I know that I need to return to Sarah Lawrence College.

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      This is not about a term anymore. If entering a lawsuit means I can't go back then so be it. If a place I believed engaged in higher learning can TREAT me with no decency and think they know better than a SLEW of medical professionals then I will make sure that I make my situation a positive example. I hope you have all learned from me as example. If you are suffering don't EVER let an institution know. Because you're an insurance liability. Don't ever ask for help, don't ever get help, don't ever show them that you have something wrong with you because then you're labeled and branded and when your finally almost DONE with your road to recovery expect them to view you as the problem and issue they branded you with. HI, my name is Gaia Liotta and I struggle with Anorexia. It does not determine me, my behavior, choices, or life. That's what recovery means.

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    • Timothy Straus NEWPORT, RI
      • almost 2 years ago

      I knew Gaia's father only briefly, but had the opportunity to meet her in difficult circumstances following his untimely death. Subsequently, I learned of the trials she faced over the past few years. But I was mesmerized by her beauty, her demeanor, maturity and strength. She radiates from deep within, it is infectious to all around her presence. It certainly was for me. I have a strong feeling that Sarah Lawrence will be, in the years to come, honored to have had her as a student and a standard bearer for the college . She is a star to be nurtured and fueled with intellectual and emotional energy, she will burn brightly for many years to come.

    • Jan Rae KAILUA-KONA, HI
      • almost 2 years ago

      Everyone deserves another chance.

    • Emma Watson YONKERS, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Why I believe Gaia should be allowed to come back. I know she did not fully meet her weight goal and that that is the reason why she has currently not been allowed to return for the upcoming fall semester. Which is all in all a fair assesment. I believe that Gaia should be allowed to come back because this is the best place for her to get an education, work on healthier body image and eating habits that put her at a healthy BMI. Also, because of the outside assesment of health professionals that Gaia is in a much healthier and stable place. So there seems to be a slight discrepancy as to her capableness of returning in a healthy state. If she is not allowed to return, then most likely she would have to find her own apartment, get a job, and support herself, which she is capable of. However it is difficult in this economy to manage all of that and feed oneself when one is young and without support from crucial family members. In these situations grocery items are the first to be cut from budgeting expenses. And honestly, I believe that some of the progress Gaia has made has potential to suffer strictly due to this issue when she has the opportunity for something better. All we ask is that a reconsideration be undertaken in terms of her status as a student. Thank you for this consideration.

      • almost 2 years ago

      Gaia deserves to return to a community that loves her and wants to see her do amazing things. Instead of letting it defeat her, she has turned her illness around and continues to be a source of positivity and inspiration to everyone around her. Please let Gaia come back home to SLC! She has most certainly earned it. I don't know how anyone is unable to see that.

    • Jeremy Pearson TORONTO, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Gaia is and always has been an amazing individual, to not give her a second chance to grace the halls and lawns of Sarah Lawrence would be a great loss to the school and the individuals who attend it.


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