HYDROFRACKING for Natural Gas is NOT safe, NOT in line with your Mission!
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Fred Krupp, President, Environmental Defense Fund
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HYDROFRACKING for Natural Gas is NOT safe, NOT in line with your Mission!

    1. Daniel Keough
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      Daniel Keough

      ITHACA, NY

Envionrmental Defense Fund decision makers: it is SHAMEFUL that you are now declaring yourself in favor of dangerous natural gas hydrofracking. I am really appalled by your ignorant stance on this topic.
Just weeks after EDF took a $6 million donation from Bloomberg Philanthropies (NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's foundation) to develop rules for "safe fracking", the ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENSE FUND comes out in support of fracking.

*UPDATE: Not long after I posted this petition (which I have not been advertising) I received a call from James Marston, Vice President of Energy program, Director of Texas regional office. After an extended phone conversation with him and an assistant, what it boils down to is that EDF is in favor of 'SAFE Fracking' 

Fracking is a catastrophe. To make it slightly less of a catastrophe, a bit less of a disaster, doesn't make it "safe".

Mr. Marston did also say that the EDF is in FAVOR of HOME-RULE, which is great in a sense, for many issues, but I don't think water and air abide by county or town lines. With the high volume and pollution of truck traffic, the likelyhood of spills on-site and somewhere along the line between getting toxic chemicals to the well, reclaiming (some of) them, storing all of those toxins and things like heavy metals and radioactive materians (NORM), everything where the water ( millions of gallons) comes from to where the fluid ends up, to the purposeful venting of gases at compressor stations, to flare-offs like a giant torch burning 24/7 wasting fuel, to the eminent domain pipelines that will be needed...THIS IS NOT SAFE. Even if it is not 'in my back yard' it effects me. With fracked fluid aleady having been accepted by a water treatment plant just north of Ithaca, NY and dumped into Cayuga Lake, my source of drinking water, even though horizontal fracking --this drilling isn't allowed in New York State, but in many ways it's already affecting us, it is already here. We don't want fracking here, we don't want fracking anywhere. Fracking is NOT safe.

Is the EDF foolish enough to think this is safe? Do you have any scientists working for you? Anyone there listening to experts OUTSIDE of the industry fools who are talking about this issue?
EDF loses ALL CREDIBILITY with me and many others when you support an industry that could not function without SAFE DRINKING WATER ACT, CLEAN AIR ACT, SUPERFUND Law exemptions, ahh the Haliburton/Cheney Loop-hole. Are you aware of all the bogus legislation that has allowed this around the country?


"Under President Bush and Vice President Cheney, fracking was exempted from significant EPA regulation

"Hydraulic fracturing, an increasingly common aspect of the oil and gas production process, is NOT SUBJECT (my emphasis) to the same standards as other industries when it comes to protecting underground sources of drinking water. Other forms of underground injection are regulated to protect drinking water, but in 2005 Congress created exemptions for hydraulic fracturing to benefit Halliburton and other oil and gas companies."

Please do your research EDF! This is NOT what we need here in upstate NY that depends upon agriculture and toursim, the Finger Lakes area cannot survive the large-scale dangerous fracking proposed. I don't want this in my back yard, and I know that it is incredily dangerous and water knows no boundries, I DON'T WANT IT IN YOUR BACKYARD EITHER. This effects ALL OF US.
Are you with us? Or are you a blockade to environmental protection and public health?

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    • Kevin Dolan MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      Pro Fracking people say: Chemicals used are not dangerous. So why not tell people what's in it? They say its too far down to effect us up on the surface.... but you are using EXPLOSIVES... you know the things that go bang? You know what a fissure is? No fracking companies don't know because they dont want to spend the money on a Long Term study. What if 60 years from now 80% of our fresh water is contaminated? It would take trillions to fix that ~ but what do you care- you've lived, shitted, and died to leave all those problems for your kids kids. Just know that you will go down in history as the greediest humans ever to have inhabited this planet- too bent to spend a couple hundred K on a LT study.

    • Anne Johnson HENDERSON, NV
      • over 1 year ago

      water quality

    • Diana Blevins FALLON, NV
      • over 1 year ago

      How can putting chemicals into the ground be safe... and fracking breaks the underground aquafers for our well water allowing any escaped chemical into the water table. Too big of a risk to take when it comes to the quality of our water.

    • charlie bogen JUNCTION CITY, KS
      • almost 2 years ago

      using liquid chemicals to break shale deposits seems pretty unsafe to me...

    • Michael Kirkby TORONTO, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Waste of water in the midst of a national drought. Fracking basically amounts to giving Mother Earth a giant enema and sooner or later she's going to take a giant crap on you. Then there's all the chemical contamination of the air water and surrounding environment and the deleterious affect on people's health in the fracked areas.


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