Fox Television Network: Cancel the new reality show "Does Someone Have to Go?"
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Fox Television Network: Cancel the new reality show "Does Someone Have to Go?"

    1. Erin Sadler
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      Erin Sadler

      Gillette, WY

Fox Television's newest entry into the world of "reality" television has gone too far. In this new series businesses put employee's against each other in a dog eat dog battle to keep their jobs. The show promotes enployee's as the sole problem when a business begins to flounder and touts the owners/CEO's as the "good guys".

In this economy it is gut wrenching watching people go at each other like rabid dogs in an attempt to keep their jobs and food on their table. Whether they are fired or not is not truly measured by their actual workplace performance, but on their performance in the show which is surely stirred up by its producers for more drama and higher ratings.

Fox is making a blatant mockery of hard working Americans and treating their ability to stay employed as a prize to be earned by proverbially scratching the eyes out of the competition. Instead of encouraging the always productive mantra of working together, they are encouraging people to abandon their morals and workplace friendships for a pseudo gladiator style battle to keep their jobs.

Fox Broadcasting Company, Programming Department
Cancel the new reality show "Does Someone Have to Go?". It mocks and degrades hard working Americans and attempts to turn their tragedy into entertainment. We find this to be abhorrent and unacceptable.

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      Erin Sadler
      Petition Organizer

      Last Thursday was Fox televisions LARGEST ratings drop with the airing of "Does Someone Have to Go?"! As Americans we are standing by our dignity and respect for our fellow hard working countryman/countrywomen. Keep spreading the word and before we know it, this travesty will be wiped from the airways!

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    • Bernice Coffield CHESTERTON, IN
      • 11 months ago

      very bad to get employees to compete against each other for there job.Glad to see foxs ratings drop.

    • carol burdett AUBURN, WA
      • 11 months ago


    • Jeffrey Carey CALIFORNIA, MD
      • 12 months ago

      Trying to cancel this show isn't censorship. The number of people in this nation who believe that reality TV actually reflects "reality" is alarming, so shows like this could actually damage our economy even further.

    • Harold Mahara WINTER PARK, FL
      • 12 months ago

      no one should be treated like animals

    • Sarah Koch CINCINNATI, OH
      • 12 months ago

      Why does Fox News have to be so ridiculously offensive? It's like they're just being controversial to get attention. Maybe because no one trusts them as a news source? There's a lot of stupid reality TV out there as it is.


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