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Fontana Unified School District Superintendent and Board of Trustees: Remove Assault Rifles from the "toolbox" of School Police.
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Fontana Unified School District Superintendent and Board of Trustees: Remove Assault Rifles from the "toolbox" of School Police.

    1. Bobbi Jo Chavarria
    2. Petition by

      Bobbi Jo Chavarria

      Fontana, CA

Elementary, middle and high school campuses are places of learning and high-powered weaponry DOES NOT belong on campus.

In October of 2012, the interim Chief of School Police Billy Green (a Lt. from the City of Fontana Police Department) purchased 14 assault rifles for use by the School Police Department. Because the purchase amount was under the "threshold" for expenses requiring Board approval, no public input was possible. However, an entire new policy and procedures for handling the weapon was required and the personnel payroll expense of the 40 hour training for each officer that took place over the holiday break in December both required Board approval that has yet to happen.

Please stand with parents, students, teachers and concerned community members who are speaking out against these assault rifles being on campus on a daily basis. According to a letter to parents from interim Chief of School Police, each day an officer will retrieve the weapon from department headquarters, transport to their assigned school site and either place in a locked safe on campus or leave in the trunk of their vehicle if there is no safe on site. He further writes, "Officers are already equipped with handguns while carrying out their mission of safeguarding school sites. The rifles are needed to provide the officers with the tools necessary to respond to a school site in the event of an active shooter or other situation which greatly jeopardizes the safety of children and staff."

Even in the unlikely event of an "active shooter" it is probable that the officer 1) will NOT have time to retrieve the weapon; 2) will NOT be able to use the high-powered weapon that is used on a rare and irregular basis with any accuracy during a stressful situation; and 3) would further jeopardize the safety of students, staff and his/herself in attempting to confront one or more attackers as the only law enforcement officer on site.

We assert that the community should have been allowed to have this serious conversation about safety on school campuses before the decision to purchase these weapons, train and arm school police with them was made. We further assert that school campuses are no place for this kind of weaponry, and that the lesson "that the bigger gun wins" is not one we want our children to learn.

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    1. Article in today's San Bernardino Sun

      Bobbi Jo Chavarria
      Petition Organizer
      Petition circulating to kick rifles out of Fontana schools

      FONTANA - A community organizer is circulating a petition to get assault rifles out of the "toolbox" for school district police. The petition comes after news that Fontane Unified school police purchased 14 Colt semi-automatic military style assault rifles for $14,000.

    2. School Board meeting cancelled due to "public safety concerns"

      Bobbi Jo Chavarria
      Petition Organizer

      I just learned that to protect the school police officers they were pulled from school sites today. I'm confused -- the rifles were supposed to make us prepared and ready to deal with "active shooters." And who was protecting the students?

      Tonight's meeting was cancelled since the discussion was about law enforcement and guns and the fugitive is still on the loose.

      The heightened fear of the "very very bad" guy out there both feeds into the argument that we need to equip police and ourselves to the teeth --- and into the counter argument that we have to temper our fears with the kind of lives we want to live. A permanent state of lock-down with helicopters flying overhead, snipers on the rooftops, and doubled police presence -- yea, not my kind of town.

      As an extra gift: at least one of the school board members who is a challenger to this assault rifle policy has received some credible death threats today.

      Fontana Herald News > News

      The Fontana Police Department assisted in the manhunt for murder suspect Christopher Dorner, whose burned-out vehicle was found in Big Bear Thursday afternoon. The Fontana P.D. is on a modified tactical schedule. In addition, the Fontana School Board meeting scheduled for Thursday night has been cancelled.

    3. FUSD to discuss the purchase of the AR-15 Rifles at tonight's Special Board

      Bobbi Jo Chavarria
      Petition Organizer

      Please watch as the conversation ensues about this issue and the reinstatement of the District's Comprehensive Counseling Program. Thursday, 2/7/13 at 6:30pm.


      Fontana Unified School District

      Fontana Unified School District on Livestream. The Fontana Unified School District is located in Southern California in what is known as the Inland Empire, a fast-growing community 50 miles east of Los Angeles. Our 45+ schools serve students from preschool through adult education in a diverse urban/suburban environment.

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    5. Decision-maker Sophia Green responds:

      Sophia Green

      The pubic should have been able to provide their input.

    6. Reached 5 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Lydia Rivera GRAND TERRACE, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      Because I value the lives of all young people and totally agree with the 2nd paragraph of the petition.

    • veronica Velazquez RIVERSIDE, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      There is no need for those guns in schools!! Were not in afghanistan!!

    • Patricia L Kruger REDLANDS, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      More guns won't solve this problem..

    • Oskar Zambrano FONTANA, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      As a society, we can do better to teach our children that violence will never create peace. It takes a consciously aware community to lead by example and place value in strength, morals, empathy, courage and love to upbring a youth that will not harm one another!

    • Dr. Rita Ramirez-Dean TWENTYNINE PALMS, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      I am a retired community college professor of 38 years and a former trustee of 6 years. We are dedicated to educational excellence, not to killing anyone but saving everyone to have the American Dream. Leave guns to your security and police force, not on campus. Do not put students in harms way.


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