Re-invigorate the Florida Single Payer Health Care Initiative now.
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Re-invigorate the Florida Single Payer Health Care Initiative now.

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      Greg DeClue

      Sarasota, FL

Numerous studies have shown that patients often avoid or delay seeking medical care for fear of out-of-pocket costs they cannot afford. This practice frequently leads to even greater costs down the road, as untreated and preventable conditions become more complicated.

Under a single payer system, patients would see improved health because they would not have any financial barriers to obtaining appropriate care, including preventive services.

Another feature of a single payer system is freedom of choice. Patients could choose their own doctor, and their coverage would be portable, so that if they changed jobs, moved to a different location, or had a change in marital status, the availability of health care would remain constant.

By signing this petition, we ask Floridians for Health Security to re-invigorate the citizen's initiative to enact a Florida Constitutional Amendment stating, "The Legislature shall prescribe and thereafter enact single payer health care, which in clear and concise language shall set forth the right of all persons to comprehensive health care services from a health care provider of that person's choice."

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    1. Florida Single Payer Health Care update

      Greg DeClue
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks for signing the petition for re-invigorating Florida Single Payer Health Care.

      Please invite friends, family, and colleagues to join in and sign the petition.

      We have 42 signatures is just a few days. Our initial goal is 100 signatures.

      Also consider asking groups of people to sign the petition.

      In other states, nurses have been particularly active in pressing for positive change in health care. Let's target nurses this week. If you know a nurse, please ask him or her to join, and to invite other nurses to join in.

      Thanks, and spread the word.

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    • Julian Koss SARASOTA, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      The ONLY answer to our health care problems is a single payer system, as the Canadians and many Europeans have discovered. Don't let the ignorant peoiple -- both democrats and republicans -- who claim "WE'RE NO.1" in health care fool you. We're almost a thhird world country when it comes to health care. ALL AMERICANS SHOULD BE COVERED, NOT JUST THE RICH. A single payer system will do that.


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