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Florida Legislators: Support Unemployment Compensation for Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Petitioned Representative Carlos Trujillo

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Chair of Economic Development & Tourism Subcommittee
Representative Carlos Trujillo
Chair Commerce and Tourism Committee
Senator Nancy Detert

Florida Legislators: Support Unemployment Compensation for Victims of Domestic Violence

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      Miami Workers Center

Victims of domestic violence need economic security in order to safely escape abuse, and in order to provide safety for their families, “says Leta Pittman, of the domestic violence organizing group Sisterhood of Survivors. “This bill will help to create much needed security and safety for women across our state who are dealing with life threatening situations.”

Senate Bill 130 and House Bill 261 aims to reform Florida’s unemployment insurance law allowing for victims of domestic violence who need to leave their work to escape abuse to receive unemployment compensation. In Florida alone there were 111,681 reported incidents of domestic violence in 2011 and nearly 200 of those resulted in murder/manslaughter.

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    • Howard Stewart ANN ARBOR, MI
      • 5 months ago

      I have had friends that suffered from domestic violence.

    • Joshua Albanese LONG BEACH, NY
      • 6 months ago

      Last night I got physical with my girlfriend who I love so much and I vow never to hurt her or another women again. I am truly a disgrace.

    • darville williams MIAMI, FL
      • 10 months ago

      The cause!

    • Linda Bassham GAINESVILLE, FL
      • 11 months ago

      This is important to me because I am a human being.

    • c rot PALM HARBOR, FL
      • 12 months ago

      My child is a victim of domestic volience of a male who worked a place of employment with her. How's parents owned the establishment. There was an arrest for domestic volience and charges. She left her job and her apartment to flee from this male after several months of abuse. I encouraged the unemployment. The employeer approved. The state approved her entitlement. But never paid out due what they claimed she didn't complete the skill accessment properly. I am aware she had technolgical difficult and faxed first weeks. She couldn't recall the accessment test not being completed. She asked appeal judge if I could speak on her behalf. Appeal judge spoke down to her intimating her as if she was non intelligent. Yes, after receiving several injures and a lost pregancy I think unemployment would be a great preposal but we need it to needs be more user friendly and represenatives trained to work with our victims and young adults. I am very disappointed that the state never issued her those 8 weeks she deligently searched went and signed up with worknet pinellas, got voucher toward schooling while searching for work. I had to assist her every step of the way through this process as she had difficulty in expressing her situation to the referree. In addition, a case adjustor had called her for specific details on her unemployment asking she send proof of the arrest documents. That should not be relevant in that the employeer never denied the claim. This process needs to be rectifyed to accommodate our victims, so they are not revictimized. I feel it is an excellent proposal and I am in support if unemployment Compsensation Process works for the Victims. Till this day my daughter never received her weeks. We stopped trying.


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