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According to religions, Islam and Islamic states, women are seen to be the source of fitnah or affliction.

Fitnah - Movement for Women’s Liberation is a protest movement demanding freedom, equality, and secularism and calling for an end to misogynist cultural, religious and moral laws and customs, compulsory veiling, sex apartheid, sex trafficking, and violence against women.

We remind the Islamic regime of Iran and Islamists everywhere that the women’s liberation movement is a source of fitnah for their rule alone.

We are Islamism’s worst fitnah!

بیانیه اعلام موجودیت

از نظر همه مذاهب، اسلام وحكومت های اسلامی زنان منبع فتنه تلقی میشوند.

امروز و به این وسیله ما آغاز به فعالیت "فتنه – جنبش برای رهائی زن" رااعلام می كنیم.

فتنه یک حرکت اعتراضی است در دفاع از آزادی، برابری و سكولاریسم و علیه:

-قوانین و سنتهای ضد زن در همه جوامع

-زن ستیزی مذهبی و بویژه قوانین شریعه و تعرض نیروهای اسلامی به حقوق و حرمت زن

 - خشونت نسبت به زنان

- تابوها و تعصبات فکری و فرهنگی و اخلاقی و مذهبی علیه زنان

 - بردگی جنسی زن. تجارت زنان و دختران توسط باند ها و مافیای سكس

- حجاب اجباری و آپارتاید جنسی

جنبش برای رهائی زن بویژه "فتنه" ای است علیه حکومت اسلامی ضد زن در ایران و علیه همه جریانات اسلامی در همه جا!

ما همه مبارزین برای آزادی و رهائی  زن را به حمایت فعال از این حرکت فرا میخوانیم!

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    • salar azad UNITED STATES
      • 3 months ago


    • Chris Sanders BATH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 3 months ago

      My view is summerised here


      • 3 months ago

      I am a woman, my daughter is going to be a woman - the rights of one woman are the rights of all - if the rights of one threatened or abused, the rights of all are threatened and abused.

    • Rebecca Smith LINKöPING, SWEDEN
      • 4 months ago

      Because I am a woman, I am a very strong, exceptionally intelligent and absolutely WILL NOT be told what to do by a bunch of ignorant, illiterate, semi-retarded. abusive, demanding, selfish, stupid, arrogant men. All women have the right to self determination without the fear of being raped, tortured or executed for the sole reason of demanding freedom of thought and will.

      I WILL be free until the day I die, I would die in furtherance of this cause and I would rather BE dead than live how women are forced to under fascist islamic dictators.

      There is NO human right more fundamental than freedom - of speech, thought, body, mind and soul. One's mind, body, thoughts and beliefs are our most precious possession and belong to no one else - there is nothing more personal than one's own being & nothing on this earth is more valuable to a person than their life and freedom - the idea that others would feel they have the right to control me & every aspect of my life - and all females - is absolutely the most disgusting, despicable, heinous, foul and rage inducing product created from the minds of narcissistic, stupid, hateful men, who can't think past their own penis and who clearly lack the basic requirements FOR A SOUL - that I feel I must speak out against this horror show whenever and wherever I can - AND THAT IS WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT TO ME !!

      • 5 months ago

      Equality is a step towards peace.


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