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      Maggie Aker

      Oakland, United States

Upon entrance, Outside Lands requires all refillable water bottles to be emptied. Inside the music festival, you can fill it up, but for a cost of $1 per 20 ounces of water.

You can buy $3 disposable bottles of water, and beer of course, at nearly every corner of the park, but there is only one refillable water station. At a festival with 4 stages and 65,000 attendees, this lone refillable station is difficult to access.

I understand that there is a cost for the festival to provide water to attendees. But for an all-day, single admittance event where alcohol is commonplace and tickets cost upwards of $100 each day - access to refillable water is only a reasonable request, but a safety measure.

The Outside Lands Festival should make statement and provide free refillable water to attendees. Promote sustainability. Promote good health. Protect music lovers!

Make Refillable Water Free at Outside Lands!

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