FCC: Preserve Internet Freedom, Even If Telecoms Don't Like It
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Chairman, Federal Communications Commission
Julius Genachowski

FCC: Preserve Internet Freedom, Even If Telecoms Don't Like It

    1. Nathaniel Whittemore
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      Nathaniel Whittemore

      San Francisco, CA

The internet has been the most disruptive force in business history for the simple reason that it has destroyed barriers to entry and enabled anyone with a great idea and the ability to execute to build innovative companies. 

That freedom is under assault right now, as broadband providers try to use lobbying dollars and their influence with Congress to dismantle the principles of net neutrality that keep the barriers to entry low for new companies and previously unheard voices. 

The FCC needs to commit to preserving internet freedom, even if the telecoms don't like it. The future of the internet cannot be determined in backroom deals meant to arbitrate between just a few players. 

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