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Petition Update
Apr 19, 2014

Some Information

Okay so I have a few things to say. The first thing is that I thank you for all the signatures and supportive messages, and also that the name I created this petition under is not actually my real name, so I had a bit of a giggle at some of them. :D The second is, that I'm not the one lifting the signature limit-- it does it by itself when we reach the previous limit. Thirdly, since the petition has gained popularity, I have been informed that the number of stories being purged from Fanfiction.Net has decreased dramatically. I am still able to find a lot of mature fanfics around, and that is always great to see. The petition has been submitted on multiple occasions to FF.NET staff, and hopefully it is going to have a lasting effect. Thank you again for your overwhelming support! "Charlotte"

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