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Facebook: Enforce Facebook community standards against hate speech targeting women

    1. Dorthea Fronsman-Cecil
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      Dorthea Fronsman-Cecil

      Los Angeles, CA

Recently, the Guardian published an article highlighting Facebook's lack of rigor in enforcing community standards by taking down pages purporting to be "humor" or "satire" on subjects such as rape and physical assault of women. According to this article (available at http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/oct/04/facebook-hate-speech-women-rape), "It was back in August that feminists first began to notice the proliferation of pro-rape pages on the popular social networking site. Two months later over 176,000 people have signed a US-based petition calling on Facebook to take them down, and nearly 4,000 people have signed a UK-based petition calling for the same. The Facebook pages, such as the one cited above and others that include "You know she's playing hard to get when your [sic] chasing her down an alleyway" still remain." Despite public outcry against these pages, Facebook has chosen to defend the pages as an acceptable form of humor.

According to Facebook, pages that market their aggressive hate speech against women as "humor" or "satire" should be permitted to keep their pages up, just as members of a community are permitted to tell "rude jokes" without social repercussions.

However, telling jokes and making comments in a community setting actually DOES have social consequences in the real world. If I overheard someone at a bar making a joke about raping one of the women in the bar, I would feel unsafe and uncomfortable. I would have to ask whether it was merely a joke, of if it was actually a sign that I was in danger in my environment. If the person making the joke made it to a particular person, I would assume that they were threatening that person, and I would bring in someone with authority to remove the person making the joke.

"Jokes" about rape aren't funny, just as "jokes" about beating up minorities and LGBTQ people aren't funny -- they constitute a form of hate speech that is meant to menace and intimidate their target. Shrugging off violent, abusive language as simply a "rude joke" that should be tolerated trivializes rape survivors' ordeals; it makes them, and all women and people vulnerable to rape feel that they aren't welcome, and that no one would protect them if someone were to try and harm them. Likewise, defending this form of hate speech on Facebook sends the same message to users who want to feel safe and welcome while using Facebook to communicate with friends, colleagues, and family.

I am asking you to sign this petition today to remind Facebook that they are responsible to their community of users. If you don't tolerate hate speech against minorities, why do you tolerate, and worse yet, DEFEND hate speech against women? Please listen to your users, and actively enforce your community standards. Take down "rape humor" pages.

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    • Owen Broadhurst AGAWAM, MA
      • 6 months ago

      It has long been a disappointment to me that Facebook routinely declines enforcement of its Community Standards. It has sadly become evident that its so-called 'Community Standards' are merely for show, and that Facebook in fact supports, endorses, and approves of routine harassment, abuse, bullying, and hate speech as well as misogynist conduct.

    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • about 1 year ago

      It is well known that on Facebook misogyny is posted and in all variations. Calls to refrain from doing so, ignored by Facebook so far.

      Erotic images, especially those that show much skin, do not keep long on Facebook. The network is rigorously prior to such content and delete it immediately. But with violence, racism or sexism that seems to be different. Especially the so-called "Rape Culture" was until recently a topic on Facebook.

      In the pictures you can see women who writhe in pain, lying on the ground, have bruises and cuts. Above that are phrases such as "Rape Tape forth and forth (bondage and rape them)" or "Women deserve equal rights ... and lefts (women deserve equal rights and lefts)". On Facebook that have many pages that glorify violence against women. Even if these sites are reported, that is not right, that they are also deleted from Facebook.

      The activist group WAM! (Women, Action and the Media) denounced precisely in this state in an open letter to Facebook. This is called the Association Facebook pages, such as "Fly Kicking Sluts in the uterus", "Violently Raping Your Friend Just for Laughs", "Raping your Girlfriend" or "Domestic Violence Do not make me tell you twice.'' On these pages may be glorified violence against women. WAM! call now on Facebook misogyny should be as little tolerated, such as racism, nudity, or anti-Semitic statements that are immediately deleted from the network.

      Why such pages can hold in general? Apparently reaches a so-called disclaimer (disclaimer) on each page, which states that the contents are only meant to be funny. If such a disclaimer included, then the page is not deleted.

    • Jean-Marc Rogez BRUAY SUR ESCAUT, FRANCE
      • over 1 year ago

      The hate speeches are not acceptable. Everyone must always respect all the women.

    • Elah Johnson AUSTRALIA
      • over 1 year ago

      Facebook allowed a photo of a battered woman along with a domestic violence joke, because it was not "hate speech: or "graphic violence" despite making fun of DV victims.

      • over 1 year ago

      I am a survivor if multiple rapes and I do not think rape "humor" is in anyway funny.


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