EWEB General Manager, Public Affairs Manager: Resume feeding the cats at the Roosevelt site and let them be humanely trapped and removed.
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EWEB General Manager, Public Affairs Manager: Resume feeding the cats at the Roosevelt site and let them be humanely trapped and removed.

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      No Kill Lane County

EWEB is Eugene (Oregon) Water and Electric Board.  As of today, October 19th, the four remaining feral cats on EWEB's Roosevelt site have been without the food that they have come to depend on for nearly a month.   Additionally, EWEB refuse to let these four cats be humanely trapped and relocated, preferring instead for the cats to relocate themselves due to starvation.  This of course, does not work, and the birds EWEB professes to want to protect by starving these cats are in more danger from hungry cats; who are unaltered and will breed.  In a very short time, EWEB will find themselves awash in kittens, tom cats etc. for which they have no plan.

We want EWEB to start feeding the cats again, and let them be humanely trapped and removed so they can be altered and placed in a safe, managed colony.   EWEB has stated officially there are no cats on their 14 acre sight which of course is not true.  Current employees have seen the four cats in question recently.  Feral cats lived on that property before EWEB built the building, and they are there now, and always will be.


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    • Mandi Cooper EUGEN, OR
      • 3 months ago

      I live across from there and I see the cats, when I drive by. I'm a cat lover and have 3. Which one love's be outside. And all my cats are fixed.

    • Nancy Nagler SPRING GREEN, WI
      • 4 months ago

      Your actions, or lack of them, is intolerable. If you are too ------- to do it, contact non-kill shelters to do it for you.

      • 4 months ago

      Animals deserve the right to life, just as humans. Being cruel is reserved for humans, apparently.

    • Penelope McKibben SPRINGFIELD, OR
      • 5 months ago

      It would be nice for EWEB to actually DO THE RIGHT THING for a change! Every body knows that they could afford to feed the cats, given how many rate hikes they have had over the last several years!

    • Sandra Craft LONG BEACH, CA
      • 6 months ago

      Common decency. Human irresponsibility and thoughtless caused this problem, we can put forth the effort and kindness for fix it properly.


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