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Ban personal firearms!

    1. Cahley Pfeiffer
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      Cahley Pfeiffer

      Simi Valley, United States

Personal firearms don't protect us. You never hear stories in the news about a break in that was stopped because the home owner owned a gun. The only stories we hear about are about kids getting killed in school because of some crazy, or a child stealing their parents gun and shooting themselves or others. There is no need for guns for the public they only cause destruction and death to civilians. I understand that if personal fire arms are banned it wouldn't stop gangs and criminals from getting a hold of them, but they aren't the people who go into our school and shoot innocent children and destroy families. Keep our kids safe and out of reach of firearms. Sign this petition and help get the word out to anyone and everyone you know. We don't need another heart ache in this country that was caused by guns!

Ban personal firearms!

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    • Cahley Pfeiffer SIMI VALLEY, UNITED STATES
      • over 1 year ago

      Innocents are always the ones harmed when civilians own a firearm.


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