Dream Act should NEVER be passed!
  • Petitioned Every legal residents and citizens of USA, every legal foreign students

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Every legal residents and citizens of USA, every legal foreign students

Dream Act should NEVER be passed!

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Dream act is illegal, it must be stopped! It is discriminating against legal USA citizens and legal foreign students. It is encouraging more illegals to come to this country.

California governor Jerry Brown already passed his own state's dream act.

So now if a legal out-of-state student wants to come to study in any of the California public colleges, s/he can not get any financial aid from the California government, and s/he must pay for out-of-state tuition which often are double or more than the in-state tuition. An illegal student can not only get free grants from California government, and s/he only has to pay the in-state tuition. So essentially, a US citizen is being treated worse than an illegal alien!

Legal foreign students can not get any kind of financial support from the USA government. There are plenty of them want to stay and work in the USA after graduation, but none of them can even apply for student loans. On the other hand, illegal aliens are entitled to apply for student loans! So why should the government give special help only to illegal students? If a legal foreign student want to become US citizens, s/he have to wait for a long time and follow the laws. How come illegal students can cut the line and get legal status quicker than legal foreign students?

The problem is serious. There are so many illegal aliens, now they are powerful enough to force the USA government to pass laws in their favor. That just shows why we must stop them now! Who are the people who support this act? Most of them are Hispanics. Once again, this law is pure discrimination based on race. There are plenty of African, Asian students want to come to study in the USA, but they can't, because their countries' borders are not close to USA.

Why did those illegal students parents, relatives risk their life to come to USA, it is because their own countries are poor. Now why should the USA government spend money to educate them, when the US citizens are already having troubles paying student loans, getting good education? And if those illegal students all stay in the USA, then their native countries will never be able to develop. Illegal students can stay in the USA to study, but they MUST pay for their own tuitions just like all the rest of the legal foreign students. And they should all go back to their native countries to help to build a better tomorrow for their own countries.

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    • mike evans SCOTTSDALE, AZ
      • almost 2 years ago

      I would support the dream act if there was some sort of payment for the services they had been recieveing.

      • about 2 years ago

      we already have enough illegal imigrants using up our benefits...do we really need to entice even more?

    • Shannon Dixon OXNARD, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      People who come to the US illegally should not be rewarded, regardless of how long they have been able to get away with it. Policies like this hurt citizens and those who followed the rules to live here LEGALLY. The Dream Act will cause added competition where there should be none (because ILLEGAL occupants should not have the rights of legal citizens). Really? My teen, born and raised in the US may not be able to go to college because an illegal occupant took his spot? Ridiculous!

      • over 2 years ago

      Dream Act is awesome! Supporting education isues; please support the education rights of Calif. state foster youth.


    • Marie Grubbs MONROVIA, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Dream Act is illegally wrong


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