Erinn Carter - UNITE Here: Stop harassing community neighbors' fundraising for a cause they believe in
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Erinn Carter / Tom Walsh
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Erinn Carter - UNITE Here: Stop harassing community neighbors' fundraising for a cause they believe in

    1. Garry Bowie
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      Garry Bowie

      Long Beach, CA

The RED HIGH HEEL PARTY is a privately-produced and privately funded social affair hosted by Tom Crowe, a long-time donor and supporter of the Long Beach AIDS Foundation. Tom Crowe has long been involved in community fundraising for many Long Beach organizations. Mr. Crowe is a private citizen and is not a volunteer, staff or board member of the Long Beach AIDS Foundation. The Red High Heel Party is his own private annual party that originally started at his house after one of his dear friends nearly died and was helped by the Emergency Fund.

The event is being attacked by a pro-union group UNITE Here against a private citizen at the hotel Mr. Crowe chose. He has nothing against the two parties involved in the dispute and as a community citizen paid out of his own pocket to host this event. But UNITE Here is injecting politics into community health where the only people who lose are those affected by HIV & AIDS. We are neutral to the issues between the hotel and the organizing group. But UNITE Here in it's attempt to take a private event "hostage" against the hotel smacks in the face of being good community citizens, decency and helping agencies that need the financially assistance after five tough economic years. UNITE Here is also resorting to untruths about the negotiations and city-passed living wage laws enacted in order to get people to not attend a private function.

Neither Tom Crowe or LBAF is choosing any side in this ordeal. And while we believe strongly in community, pitting outside parties that have nothing to do with the unionizing issues is dead wrong. Seeking support is one thing, coercion is another. Strong-arm tactics to hurt people affected by HIV & AIDS is just plain wrong and UNITE Here needs to limit their grievance to hotel and not a private social event. Choosing a new venue is not the point. Freedom for Mr Crowe to choose as a private citizen is. And the cost he has personally spent so far and the time his friends and neighbors have put in with planning & promotion makes it prohibitive.

Mr Crowe is well known for mobilizing a community for fundraising, activism and building a better community. Mr Crowe organized one of the largest marches against Prop 8 when it became an statewide issue and has been documented in films and news reports of his caring for his community, friends and family. UNITE Here is being completely unreasonable in attacking a great community leader and citizen.

Mr. Crowe’s donations to the AIDS Life Emergency Fund through his party event is a private and personal choice. As the producer of his social affair, Mr. Crowe designs, plans and promotes the event as he sees fits. The Long Beach AIDS Foundation has no say in the planning or implementation of Mr. Crowe’s social event. LBAF does not supply volunteers, does not cover any event expenses or is involved in any planning with Mr. Crowe’s many friends and neighbors who are working on his event. LBAF is only the beneficiary of Mr Crowe's kindness.

Mr. Crowe’s event is no different than the many individuals and groups, who host BBQs, wine parties or other themed fundraisers year round for the benefit of the Long Beach AIDS Foundation at a location of their choosing. This has been the tradition that communities give from their hearts to the millions of nonprofits for over the last 125 years. In all of these community-based, private events hosted by citizens, donors or groups, the Long Beach AIDS Foundation traditionally does not provide volunteers, expense coverage or planning services.

The Long Beach AIDS Foundation values the contributions made from our supports especially in a time of great need. LBAF vigourously protects the privacy information of all those who contribute to the Long Beach AIDS Foundation, whether made directly or indirectly through private fundraisers. We will not release any information about any of our donors, regardless of the nature, as an entrustment policy.

While we may empathize with the concerns of any group’s grievance against a free-enterprise business, the focus and the mission of the Long Beach AIDS Foundation is to prevent the spread of HIV through education; and to support those impacted by HIV. We do not engage in politics and believe nonprofits serve all citizens.

It is unfortunate that some people choose to move a political agenda in an opportunistic fashion while health organizations who do not engage in politics, struggle to make a healthy impact on their communities with those who need help the most. We hold steadfast to the values that we believe in a healthy community through mental, social, emotional and physical well-being.

We hope those engaged in such behavior understand that LBAF remains neutral on politics so that we may do the hard work that needs to be done.

Please help us just do our work and support people who raise money through their hearts and wallet. We believe that our greater community believes in the unencumbered hard work of nonprofits and great community citizens who donate time, money, heart and hard-work.

Erinn Carter / Tom Walsh, UNITE Here
Erinn Carter, Unite Here
Tom Walsh, Unite Here
Stop harassing community neighbors fundraising for a cause they believe in

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    • Phil Lewis AUSTIN, TX
      • 7 months ago

      Employees calling for a boycott against their own employer is a level of absurdity that makes my head explode. It just your good old-fashioned shake down: how much will you pay me to go away?

      The Hilton Long Beach is a rather mediocre hotel, but as long as the union persists in its extortion, I will stay there to show my opposition to intimidation (there was a bozo outside my window with a bullhorn at 6 am this morning).

    • Robert Conti LONG BEACH, CA
      • 11 months ago

      UNITE Here is just trying to interfere with a charitable organization's fundraising event in order to advance its own so far failing campaign to organize workers at the Hilton. This is malarky.

    • Laura Faris TUMWATER, WA
      • 11 months ago

      I support Tom Crowe 100% in his planning decisions for his annual charitable event, The Red High Heel Party.

      The petition outlines the character and community contributions by this fine citizen, and the only thing that I can add is that he is all that is outlined and more, and Long Beach is lucky to have him.

      My personal opinion, as well as a my advice and opinion as a public relations professional is as follows:

      The strategy behind targeting this group is backfiring, UNITE Here. Selecting an event this well-known in the community was no accident - it's obvious you want to draw attention to yourselves. Your mistake was choosing an event this well-known AND well-loved. (That being said, targeting any private citizen/event to exploit for publicity and further your own cause is a terrible mistake in itself.) There is too much community love and support for this individual and the groups he volunteers tirelessly for.

      Even those who agree with you on many issues are asking that you cease and desist.

      You are harassing a private citizen who has no personal gain from the event - or from the stir that your actions have caused.

      Shame on you.

      Back away, or risk further damage to your organization's reputation, as although Mr. Crowe has not sought any retribution, his supporters may continue spreading knowledge of your treatment of a generous, upstanding citizen for as long as you continue the harassment.

    • walter langford FOREST, MS
      • 11 months ago

      I'm living with HIV/AIDS and its not rite to mess with people like that. you know i dont see them talkin bout Cancer or MS or stuff like that . STOP LEAVE IT BE!!!!!!!!!

    • Judson Kilgore MINNEAPOLIS, MN
      • 11 months ago

      Rather intrusive of you, isn't it? Why are you, UNITE Here, so interested in what Mr. Crowe does with his money and time? Back off already!


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