End Breed Specific Legislation in Everett Wa , & the City's Animal Services.
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End Breed Specific Legislation in Everett Wa , & the City's Animal Services.

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      Finally Home Humane Society

Breed Specific Legislation is usually directed at Bullie breeds, the practice is outdated as Washington has perfectly good Dangerous Dog Laws that don't single out any breed & only focus on behavior. Everett has had BSL for almost 2 decades, it was enacted by the city council & was never given a vote by the citizens of Everett, most people don't even know it exists. Most of Snohomish county however: Does NOT have BSL...

Since the county auditor & the shelter manager for the city pound are buddies the City shelter was given the County contract. (I won't call it a shelter because it is a house of horrors)

The problem is that ONLY the City of Everett has BSL but once an animal is impounded, even from an area of the county that doesn't have BSL the dogs are still killed.

Furthermore ANY dog that they perceive to be a Pit or American terrier or mastiff mix are kept locked in the back of the shelter where the general public & owners can not see them, they claim that they take a picture of each dog & place it in a book out in the front lobby, but while I was pulling pit bulls from there I seen MANY dogs in the back who were NOT in the book.

I can only imagine how many owners came in looking for their animals & were told to look in the book but didn't see their dogs. Those poor dogs must've smelled their owners & wondered why they left as they were taken to die.

They stopped me from pulling dogs from there after I started to complain because EVERY dog I pulled from there was either injured or maced, & in retaliation they took my animals & had them somewhere for 5 hours & upon arrival my dogs were having seizures, unable to walk, bleeding from their rectum, hypothermic, bloody & missing teeth. It has been a 25 month long battle which I am still fighting

It is time to end the city's animal services & turn them over to another agency that can be trusted, who have the animals best interest in mind, not a rabid hatred for bully breeds. We have 3 very good agencies who are better equipped & staffed that can assess the needs of the animals much better & their BSL is antiquated, outdated & unconstitutional. They can adopt Washington State's dangerous dog ordinances & resolve the whole issue.

This county is in so much turmoil as it is & facing so many multi-million dollar lawsuits for it flagrant disregard for the law, can we really afford more liability? My suits alone are going to cost the state upwards of 10 million dollars or more. This is the state the County & City is in yet NO ONE is ashamed, no one


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    • Tresa Mussen CRESCENT CITY, CA
      • 11 months ago

      If we were able to people select for these dogs. How AWESOME!

    • yolanda figueroa TAMPA, FL
      • 12 months ago

      The Bible states that, "We're destroyed because of lack of knowledge." They choose to blame it on the Pits not the low lifer who has destroyed these wonderful and silly dogs and we just got to keep on gong on.

      I have my knuckle head pit named KoCo and she's my best friend who saved me from my despair and I gave her a chance and I'm glad I did for she is worthy!

    • Debbie Thoreson VANCOUVER, WA
      • 12 months ago

      This kind of discrimination is utterly ridiculous. The people pushing for these laws have never known or owned a pittie. They should learn their subject before feeding off public hysteria to further their own political agenda. It's insane.

    • selwyn john marock JOHANNESBURG, UNITED STATES
      • 12 months ago


    • Laura Collins HENDERSON, CO
      • 12 months ago

      The treatment of animals is important everywhere.


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