Elected Officials, Commit To A Free And Open Internet
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Elected Officials, Commit To A Free And Open Internet

    1. Nathaniel Whittemore
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      Nathaniel Whittemore

      San Francisco, CA

On April 6th, the DC Circuit court delivered a blow to net neutrality advocates everywhere by ruling in favor of Comcast, and against the Federal Communication Commission's ability to ensure a free and open internet. 

The principles of net neutrality for the health of our economy and society in the 21st century. Giving big telecoms the ability to differentiate access to content based on ability to pay would seriously hamper economic innovation on the internet, making it more and more difficult to compete against established companies. What's more, it could reduce the ability of the internet to amplify the voices of those normal unheard. 

As our elected representatives, you have an obligation to ensure that the principles of net neutrality and a free and open internet are protected. This protection matters not just a few groups, but is indeed the foundation for a prosperous 21st century economy and society. 

Learn more here: "Court Strikes A Blow Against Net Neutrality"

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