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Eden Foods

Cover Contraception for Employees

    1. Nancy Thome
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      Nancy Thome

      Baraboo, WI

Eden Foods, one of the oldest and largest suppliers of organic grocery items, filed a lawsuit on March 20, 2013, against the federal government, seeking an exemption to being required to cover contraception for its employees. While several churches and non-profits have filed similar lawsuits, Eden Foods is the first for-profit company to do so, clearly revealing its conservative idealogy, despite having a mostly liberal customer base. The United Nations has declared contraception a universal human right (see its report "State of World Population 2012"). Tell Eden Foods to cover contraception for its employees, drop its lawsuit, and re-align its corporate values with those of its customers, or risk losing its customer base.

Eden Foods
Cover Contraception for Employees

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    • Nancy Thome BARABOO, WI
      • about 1 year ago

      I started this petition because 1) I believe contraception is a human right, 2) I am tired of companies like Eden Foods, Whole Foods, and Lululemon betraying their liberal customer base by taking idealogical positions that most of their customers disagree with.


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