Eagle City Council: Oppose the Eagle Terrain Park
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Eagle City Council: Oppose the Eagle Terrain Park

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      Greg Porterfield


Update 7/8/2013:  The agenda item related to the terrain park has been removed from the 7/9 city council meeting agenda!   Mike Aho stated today that it wasn't ready to go to council since the city hasn't had a chance to offer the 2nd public open house.

Update 7/5/2013:  After the public open house on 7/2, some of our concerns were addressed and others were not.   We were hopeful that further communication would be forthcoming from the city and more opportunites for public comment would be allowed.    The latest city council agenda for the 7/9 meeting includes a new business agenda item to vote on the concessionaire contract for the Eagle terrain park:


D.  Resolution 13-18 – Concessions & Exclusive Use Agreement:  A Resolution Approving A Concessions And Exclusive Use Agreement For Recreation At Ada-Eagle Park By And Between The City Of Eagle And Eagle Superparks, LLC; Authorizing The Mayor And City Clerk To Respectively Execute And Attest Said Agreement; And Providing An Effective Date..  (MA & SM)

Update 6/26/2013:  Mike Aho, Director of Park and Recreation, has confirmed that the public open house on the terrain park proposal will be on Tuesday July 2nd at 6:30pm at the Eagle Bike Park.    This is our best and probably last chance to provide your feedback to the city, so please try to be there!

Update 6/25/2013:  133 signatures opposing the terrain park have been delivered to the city council today.    

The city of Eagle has proposed giving away public open space in the Eagle Sports Complex to a private company for development of a for-profit wakeboarding and snowboarding terrain park.   

7 acres of undeveloped foothills open space will be used to create a lighted terrain park which will require the operation of snow-making equipment throughout the winter months and will draw additional traffic year round.   All of this will be located 100-200 yards from the Echo Creek Subdivision on Old Horseshoe Bend Road.  Existing trails will *not* be destroyed by the development.

Surrounding neighborhoods will lose public open space and gain traffic, light pollution, and noise.   All the current trail users will lose the natural, undeveloped feel of area.

Make your voice heard:  sign the petition to oppose Eagle Terrain Park!

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    • Robert Hoene BOISE, ID
      • 6 months ago

      Access to Mt Bike Trails and use.

    • Carmen Harm BOISE, ID
      • 9 months ago

      For the same reasons posted -- homeowners, running trails, biking, etc.

      • 11 months ago

      It is to close to home traffic will increase and therefor increasing the danger for children.

    • Doug Varie BOISE, ID
      • 11 months ago

      I have lived in this area for 18 years and in my experience the temperature during the winter is too warm to keep snow on the ground so the snow making machine would need to run every night to keep the terrain even thinly covered. All of us who live here fight yearly battles with low water and extremely deep wells. This is a poor location for this type of business. Other questions---What is the plan for mosquito abatement during the summer with a large standing body of water? What is the plan to deal with the traffic? on days when there are bike races, the parking is inadequate and the roads are somewhat dangerous as cars are parked on both sides of the road for several hundred yards. Road access is not currently sufficient for this proposed business.

    • Janis Shields BOISE, ID
      • 11 months ago

      Very very concerned about water in our subdivision. We don't have enough as it is. Because of the Blue sand issue here we do not need anymore pressure. Tertelings tried for 20 years to develope a subdivision where the park is now and gave up because they could not find (with millions of dollars) a substainable water supply. Bad, bad idea. We done even have enough snow in the winter to cross country ski down our road!!


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