Reinstate Dr. Borkowski as the Director of FIU's Health Management Programs
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Reinstate Dr. Borkowski as the Director of FIU's Health Management Programs

    1. Petition by

      HCMBA Alumni and Students !

      Miami, United States

On behalf of the entire FIU Healthcare MBA (HCMBA) student body, we would like to petition for the added-value that Dr. Nancy Borkowski has brought to the program to be reincorporated. In support of Dr. Borkowski’s leadership and vision for the program, our goal is to continue its exponential success as a top-graduate business school that has gained the recognizable prestige amongst the healthcare community at home and abroad. In essence, the program’s competitive advantage is a true reflection of Dr. Borkowski’s visionary leadership. One of the most significant elements that bring such added-value to this reputable and respected program is Dr. Borkowski’s efforts that focus on growing the student's success. Given her track record and achievements with the program since its creation, her presence as Executive Director has been the main contributing factor to the program’s pristine reputation. That is why our efforts focus on preserving them well into the future. Preventing the aforementioned achievements from simply fading into the standard business school of modus operandi will be our ultimate goal. Likewise, the relationships established as a result of Dr. Borkowski’s influence and drive have yielded incalculable success in the student’s careers and the HCMBA National and International reputation. Ultimately, Dr. Borkowski’s demonstrated leadership and accomplishments are imperative to the program’s continued success.

Clearly, the Healthcare MBA Program has proven itself to be an invaluable asset to the FIU brand under Dr. Borkowski’s leadership. As such, the program has positioned FIU as the leading provider of highly effective healthcare executives in South Florida and beyond. It is mainly for these reasons that your assistance is required for an intervention in this matter. Our aim is to working collaboratively to resolve the present challenges that may inevitably deplete the program’s value.

Therefore, this call for petition is to demand for Dr. Borkowski’s reinstatement as the Executive Director of FIU's Chapman Graduate School of Business' health management programs in order to secure the immeasurable value that she has incorporated with such passion and relentless dedication.

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    1. Decision-maker Douglas Wartzok responds:

      Douglas Wartzok

      Dear Petitioners:

      President Rosenberg asked that I respond to the concern raised in this petition regarding the leadership of the Healthcare MBA. The President and I were sorry to learn that Dr. Borkowski was stepping down from the l...

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    Reasons for signing

    • Belinda Thompson HIALEAH, FL
      • 9 months ago

      This is important to me because she is the sole reason why I wanted to go to FIU for this particular program (HCMBA). I wondered into her office inquiring about the program and immensely I was persuaded to join FIU. She is so professional and caring for others; willingly open. I was accepted into the program but due to other educational obligations I had to withdraw; I was enrolled in another program to obtain licensure for nursing. Despite the fact that I could not continue my participation, I looked up to her credentials and how powerful she was in the healthcare industry. She is an awesome woman and FIU would be extremely impacted if they lost her.

    • Helen Simon MIAMI, FL
      • 10 months ago

      As a faculty member of FIU, I am well aware of the outstanding leadership of Dr. Borkowski. She has created a unique program that has added great value to our university and changed the lives of many students. I am also deeply saddened by the way she has been treated.

    • Alfredo Tinoco NEW YORK, NY
      • 11 months ago

      Because Dr. Borkowski has the ability to give the right tools to her students in order to achieve success as she did with my wife.

      • 11 months ago

      Dr. B took care of me and put me in a place where I never thought I could be.

    • Diego Sigala GERMANTOWN, TN
      • 11 months ago

      Dr. Borkowski's knowledge of healthcare and great pedagogic skills are impossible to find. Thanks to her and her teachings I got a job as ACO manager and as a Cardiac Cath Lab Manager. Thanks to Dr. Borkowski, FIU's HCMBA program is getting a reputation as the best healthcare program in Florida.


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