Don't Separate the Varela Family: Stop Carlos's Deportation
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Don't Separate the Varela Family: Stop Carlos's Deportation

    1. Diana Gonzalez
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      Diana Gonzalez

      Fullerton, CA

Carlos Varela, 53, has established himself as an active community member, small business owner, and father. Originally from Morelos, Mexico, Carlos came to the United States through a workers program in 1983 to have a better future for him and his wife Hermelinda. After several years Carlos and Hermelinda began a family of their own and decided to raise their children in Norwalk, CA. Seeing that his family began to prosper and grow, Carlos began to take an affective role in his community by volunteering and became a successful entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur he was able to successfully run a bakery in addition to operating a retail store for a short period of time. Much of his success with the bakery was due to the on going reputation of the welcoming environment that Carlos transcended to his customers. With this reputation Carlos was able to aid local churches to provide food for the less fortunate on numerous occasions. Aside from assisting the ongoing community programs Carlos made many contributions to the surrounding schools for students to prosper and have similar ambitions of being an entrepreneur as himself. His six years of success with the bakery was achieved through the long lasting relationships that he built.

His on going passion for assisting others that were undergoing hardships, Carlos took a proactive approach to becoming a key leader of the Spanish congregation at the Crystal Cathedral. As a member of the Food Bank Ministry he would personally deliver food to those who had transportation difficulties. Shortly after, he took on the role as chair of the Food Bank Ministry for two years were he served over thousands of families. Recognized as a key leader, many of the men in the congregation saw him as a role model and considered him to be their mentor. Carlos openly shared his story with the men in the congregation that sought guidance in their lives.

On December 4th, 2011 after attending an evening services Carlos and his wife were pulled over for a broken tail light in a routine traffic stop by a Garden Grove police officer. Being that Carlos was the driver, the officer inquired information and discovered an order of deportation that he received in 1998. After this discovery, ICE was contacted and he was turned into their custody where he would face deportation.

The family will now face economic trials and hardships with the absence of Carlos being that he was head of the household and his wife unable to work due to recent surgeries. This tremendous impact not only affects his immediate family, but also the lives of his grandchildren where he has been the father figure for the past several years. He is able to take on such a role with his grandchildren because of the relationship that he has with his children. As his daughters continue to prosper as young adults they remain to seek guidance from their father as it has affected them in a positive way.

Today we ask you to join the Varela family by singing the petition to end Carlos Varela’s deportation and to keep the family united. Your signature will lead us one step closer, uniting all families in similar situations. We thank you for your contribution in joining the community to keep the Varela family together in the United States.

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    • Salomon Pinargote KERNERSVILLE, NC
      • about 2 years ago

      He is a good man who is making an honest living.

    • Martin Mann-Ortiz LEWISVILLE, NC
      • about 2 years ago

      Carlos is the exemplary citizen, not bound by a nation, but defined by his deep human quality... To strive for one-self and one's family is already great, but to have the strength of will and compassionate heart to reach out to those in need and moreover become a leader in the service to one's community transcends the norm... Deporting such a man would not only greatly harm his family --an American family in the truest sense of the word-- but also our nation at a local level...the only level in which a state can interface with its citizenry... Look beyond dogma and blind politics, invest in this man's future and his family as well as the community will greatly benefit... Help small business owners like him to strengthen our economy, especially when one keeps in mind the caliber of compassion and effort this man holds...

    • Vergine Adzhemyan VAN NUYS, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      To keep Families together an He seems to be a great Man Father who deserves to stay with his family!

    • Mario Martinez NORWALK, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Family should never be split apart

    • Jazmin Lopez BELLFLOWER, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      We need good Latinos here, if anyone should get deported it should be the gangsters and drug dealers that give us a bad rep...


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