Stop Mattilsynet unfairness
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Stop Mattilsynet unfairness

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ROLDA is the only active Romanian charity protesting against the unfairness committed by the Norwegian authorities against the adoption of Romanian dogs into Norwegian individual homes.


On 27 April, the Border Inspection from Oslo Airport (Norwegian Food Safety Authority) wrote:

” According to CD 2003/803 the numbers must be printed on the cover of the passport… Pets arriving with such pet passport (without numbers, or with the numbers stamped - not printed - on the cover) will not be accepted for transport to Norway. Such pets will be detained, kept in isolate, and eventually returned to Romania, if it is possible.”

ROLDA and numerous Norwegian citizens addressed to ANSVSA –the Veterinary national authority and also to the Department of European Commission to clarify this misinterpretation of the CD2003/803 regulation. It took 2 months to convince Mattilsynet that it is a deliberated misinterpretation of the law from their side, meant to slow down /stop the import of Romanian dogs into Norway.

After the European Commission Department replied, Mattilsynet finally accepted this mistake but they never apologized to all the Norwegian citizens who were misleaded as a result of their unfair decision and to the countless animals that were delayed to come into their country.

We stated this petition to protest against another possible abuse to happen:

In an email dating 20 April, the Border Inspection from Oslo Airport wrote in response to ROLDA approach:

“So far a Norwegian volunteer might bring up to 5 dogs to Norway, provided these pets have permanent Norwegian owners, and that all the other requirements are followed.”

Two months later, after the “stamped passport” mystery clarified, another subtlety born: Mattilsynet decided overnight to modify the meaning of the requirements for commercial transport (see the official Mattilsynet website)and to consider every and all dogs coming from shelters, adoption centers as ”commercial transactions”.

In case a Norwegian donates to a charity and adopts a dog from that charity, the process is considered “commercial transport”.
I refuse to believe that  the Norwegians accept to be insulted in this manner.

I came from a country where people were forced for generations to keep their mouth shut. From a far distance, I am revolted on what’s going on. Especially when animals that already had a miserable life and a chance for better are treated in this manner.

In case you want to join ROLDA call for action, sign this petition and share to Norway and European groups related to animals activities.
More awareness raised, more signatures collected might stop further abuses!

In case you have a personal experience to share with EC Representatives, please send a letter in English describing briefly your problem/s:

European Commission 

Directorate-General Health & Consumers 

B - 1049 Brussels 


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    • lochbrunner julie ALMUñECAR, SPAIN
      • almost 2 years ago

      arbitrairer and racister dercision, demonstration of hate for stray dogs

    • Tove Tallaksen MANDAL, NORWAY
      • almost 2 years ago

      I have much sympathy with dogs. In this rich country we should be able to help living creatures without a future.

    • j.h. tesselaar UITGEEST, NE
      • almost 2 years ago

      It's extremely sad that super healthy dogs from a registered non-profit organization are not welcome in Norway...I'd rather call this country NO*WAY now.. All these dogs meet the áll the health requirements of the Norwegian government, but every time Mattilsynet seem to find new, rules and obstacles ánd without any reason at all.

      Stop this crazyness and give these dogs a chance, there are no unhealthy ROLDA dogs in Norway?

    • ann kristin eide BODOE, NORWAY
      • almost 2 years ago

      I find it a matter of deep concern that Norwegian authorities not only become part of, but instigating, hysteria, instead of relating to realities. Furthermore, with all the animal abuse that goes on in the Norwegian food industry, they ought to get their priorities straight, and stop prosecuting people who try to make a difference for the better, and innocent animals.

    • Tove Syversen OSLO, NORWAY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Because it`s too stupid. They get veterinary certifications before they are send to other countrìes.


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