Deny Oakridge Application to expand landfill near Francis Beidler Forest!
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Deny Oakridge Application to expand landfill near Francis Beidler Forest!

    1. Friends of the Edisto (FRED)
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      Friends of the Edisto (FRED)

      Columbia, SC

            Oakridge Landfill, Inc., has applied for a 401 Water Quality Certification which would enable a proposal to fill 14+ acres of freshwater wetlands near the Francis Beidler Forest on the northern border Four Holes Swamp in Dorchester County, South Carolina.  Oakridge plans a class 3 Landfill to be composed of municipal solid waste and construction and demolition and industrial waste.


            Francis Beidler Forest is a 16,500 acre forested wetland reserve and National Audubon Society wildlife sanctuary.  Beidler Forest enjoys numerous natural area distinctions, including:  Ramsar Wetland of International Importance, Society of American Foresters Natural Area, National Natural Landmark designated by the National Park Service.  Four Holes Swamp is forty miles long and one and one half miles wide.  For more than twenty of those miles it is permanently protected by land owned by Audubon and its conservation partners and conservation easements held by its partners. 


            Because of Four Holes Swamp’s largely intact condition, it is recognized by many as a reference watershed.  It is a “model” of what a blackwater swamp is and should be.  If this Certification is granted and the applicant is allowed to fill as planned, the net effect would be the destruction of 18 acres of forested wetland and the loss of essentially an entire complex of first and second order streams, from their sources to the larger stream into which they discharge.  The collective impact would be to rip out another small piece from the comprehensive fabric of what is the Four Holes Swamp ecosystem, which would be a terrible and unnecessary loss.


            Not granting this permit will save a rapidly disappearing resource (an entire seep complex and its first order streams) and limit possible long-term impacts from the landfill on Four Holes Swamp, the Edisto River and the ACE Basin downstream.


            The Board of Directors of Friends of the Edisto has voted unanimously to oppose this plan.  Please join FRED and sign this petition to ask the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) to deny this permit, and help protect this amazing natural area which is the Francis Beidler Forest.


            WE NEED YOUR HELP!

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    • David Garber SUMMERVILLE, SC
      • 7 months ago

      I understand the need for Landfills but the parties involved should be thinking relocation – not expansion. The current site is rapidly approaching capacity. Pushing in to sensitive wetlands is the last option we should be considering. Anyone interested should review the newest steeling ponds to the north east of the landfill. They have already dangerously encroached on the river. If the State wants to facilitate a catastrophic failure such as Kingston TN "think Trash not Ash" then by all means proceed as usual. Let money drive the environmental policy not logic.

    • Doug Busbee WAGENER, SC
      • 8 months ago

      This is very important to me because the Edisto River is a part of our heritage. This being said we feel it is very important to sign this petition to keep the river available for everyone to enjoy for generations.

    • Chuck Lee PALATKA, FL
      • 8 months ago

      My grandchildren.

    • Spenser Cote ROCK HILL, SC
      • 8 months ago

      Landfills=decreased water quality in an already troubled river ecosystem.

    • Warren Miller SUMMERVILLE, SC
      • 8 months ago

      Preservation of ecosystem. Plenty of other non-sensitive locations to dump things


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