Demand racist teacher resign after targeting Muslim student
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Demand racist teacher resign after targeting Muslim student

    1. Kristin  Roman
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      Kristin Roman

      Clearwater, FL

May 2011


Following the assassination of Osama bin Laden by American forces in Pakistan, a high school teacher in Clear Brook, Texas was placed on administrative leave after he allegedly told an American Muslim girl in his 9th grade Algebra class "I heard about your uncle's death" and "I bet that you're grieving."

More than 2,000 members took a stand against racism towards the American Muslim community, sending a clear statement that it is completely unacceptable for an American Muslim student to be targeted and publicly insulted in front of her peers out of the ignorance and hatred of her teacher.

The incident made international news and we can now report that the teacher's leave has been made permanent. Whether the teacher quit or was fired has not been made public, but a spokesperson for the Clear Creek Independent School District has confirmed that the teacher will not be returning to work.

Thank you all for taking action!

A Texas High School teacher has been placed on administrative leave following an incident where he allegedly told a Muslim girl in his 9th grade Algebra class "I bet that you're grieving" on Monday following the death of Osama bin Laden.

According to one parent at Clear Brook High School in Houston who spoke about the incident to a local ABC affiliate, the teacher also said, "I heard about your uncle's death."

The parent said the student "understood that he was referring about Osama bin Laden being killed and was racially profiling her." The name of the alleged victim of the comment has not been released. She is being described as an "American-born girl of Muslim faith."

The teacher allegedly showed no remorse after Muslim girl reacted to his comments, according to the parent, who requested anonymity from the ABC station because "she doesn't want any retaliation against her daughter or the girl who experienced the inappropriate comment."

"The student ended up crying over what was said to her by the teacher and the teacher asked her why she was crying and another student said it was because of what you said earlier," the parent told the station. "And his response was, oh, OK, and just kind of smirked and giggled and walked away.

It is time to take a stand against racist and discriminatory comments towards the American Muslim community. This girl was targeted out of ignorance and hatred and publicly insulted in front of her peers. He then laughed it off, as if it were no big deal. A teacher shouldn't be speaking to his student in such a derogatory manner. I am demanding that he resign from his position and make a public apology to the family he insulted, while keeping them anonymous for their protection against other bigots.

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    1. Kristin  Roman
      Petition Organizer

      I am pleased to hear that this teacher will no longer be teaching at this school. Though it was not a success of this petition, I am elated to hear that the right thing was done. Thank you everyone for supporting this cause and signing my petition. I was very happy to see how well this petition took off, and am happy to know so many others feel the same way, that this is a terrible thing. Thank you everyone for your support!

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    3. Weldon Kennedy
      Interim Director, Europe

      TX Teacher Who Accused Girl Of Grieving Over Bin Laden Not Returning To Work

    4. Weldon Kennedy
      Interim Director, Europe

      Teacher Allegedly Mocks Muslim Student After Death of bin Laden

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    6. Benjamin Joffe-Walt
      Vice President and Chief of Staff

      Texas teacher on leave over bin Laden comment

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    8. Weldon Kennedy
      Interim Director, Europe

      Video: Teacher disciplined over comment to Muslim student

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    10. Benjamin Joffe-Walt
      Vice President and Chief of Staff

      Texas Teacher Suspended After Telling Muslim Student 'I Bet You're Grieving'

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    Reasons for signing

    • Valerie Gamache BROOKLYN, NY
      • about 3 years ago

      That area of FLORIDA really has to have some serious surveillance on their continual human and equal rights violations. When I lived there for 3 years there were some very proud KKK members and it disgusted me. Please turn the tables on their injustice NOW!

    • Marianna Helin NEWTON, MA
      • about 3 years ago

      teach·er   [tee-cher]


      a person who teaches or instructs, especially as a profession; instructor.

      Not professional, not instructive. Not a teacher. He must be prohibited from taking a position in front of a classroom for life.

    • Michelle Ross AUSTIN, TX
      • about 3 years ago

      This is highly offensive to me. As a high school student in Texas I have witnessed similar events, though none as blatent at this one. These kinds of things need to stop now, because they seriously damage the views of our learning institutions held by not only the students involved but the ones of their peers as well. People have no idea how this can ripple through a campus and cause harm to every single person.

      • about 3 years ago

      This is disgraceful behaviour coming from an educated teacher. He or she should be ashamed of themselves! The least they could do is apologise to the student and be aware to keep personal opinions outside the classroom this is the basics for any teacher!!

    • Saran Singh ANTELOPE, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      How dare a teacher talk to a student like that. He should resign immediately, we don't need the kids being taught ignorance because some of the teachers are bigots. Keep your personal opinions to yourself, otherwise you will get harsh punishments for your deeds. I'll be glad to see him leave, he should not be allowed to teach ever again.


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