Condemn & Reconsider the recomendation by DDA in Master Plan for Delhi 2021
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Condemn & Reconsider the recomendation by DDA in Master Plan for Delhi 2021

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DDA has recommended to amend clause 4.3 of the Master Plan for Delhi 2021 which states that there should be at least one shelter with complete facilities for one lac homeless residents. The DDA has now recommended it to change to one shelter per five lac homeless citizens. If the Central Government approves this recommendation, it will be disastrous for the CityMakers (homeless residents) in the city as the number of shelters, which currently stands at 150, will go down to just 30.

DDA’s recommendation is a gross violation of the orders of the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi. In the suo moto case W.P. (C) 29/2010 (the ongoing case), the High Court of Delhi in its orders dated 13.01.2010 and 10.02.2010 had observed that “… We find the aforesaid very disturbing. We had in our order dated 13th January, 2010 noted that as per paragraph 4.3 of the Master Plan, one shelter per 1,00,000 population has to be provided… We had again, referring to the Master Plan 2021, observed that night shelter for 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 homeless persons are to be provided. In spite of our aforesaid categorical orders, we fail to understand as to how the DDA could in the meeting aforesaid take a stand that the Master Plan 2021 provides for night shelters for 15,000 persons only.” In the same order the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi went on to observe that “The Master Plan visualizes one night shelter for 1,00,000 population. Even if table 13.18 is understood as providing for one night shelter of 1000 sq. meter for 10,00,000 population, the same cannot override the substantial provision in para 4.3 of the Master Plan. The interpretation of the DDA of the Master Plan is not found to be correct by us.”

If the recommendation of the DDA is accepted, it will have far reaching effect not just in Delhi but across the country. According to a survey conducted by IGSSS in 2008, there were 1,50,000 homeless residents in Delhi. As such the 150 shelter homes are too less to completely cater to the needs of CityMakers (homeless residents), however, having just 30 shelters will push CityMakers further into deprivation and destitution.

At the end of 10th Five Year Plan there was a shortfall of 24.71 million houses in urban India. 99.9 percent of this shortfall affects the Economically Weaker Sections and Lower Income Groups. Instead of providing proper housing to the urban poor, the government through this new tactic of DDA is looking to suffocate CityMakers (homeless residents) further and further.

IGSSS is fighting against this recommendation of the DDA as it is a blatant violation of the human rights of CityMakers.

We NEED your support.

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    1. DDA on the mat for attempt to reduce shelters for homeless - The Hindu

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      The Hindu Article:
      Activists working for homeless people criticised the Delhi Development Authority on Tuesday for recommending an amendment to the Delhi Master Plan-2021 development control norms for homeless shelters which will drastically reduce the number of shelters for the homeless in the Capital.

      The DDA had at its last authority meeting on May 15 approved the recommendation of a Master Plan Management Action Committee seeking amendment of Clause 4.3 of the MPD-2021 which mandates one night shelter for one lakh population to one night shelter per five lakh population

      Click the link to read the complete story.

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    • Rajani Murthy BENGALURU, INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      For denying justice to the Poor & for not respecting & complying with the Honorable Supreme Court orders

    • Kalpana Verma NEW DELHI, INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      For equity and justice that wud lead to properity

    • indu prakash singh NEW DELHI, INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      What we have gained the hard, DDA will nullify the HITLERian way. We need more shelters than just 30. What a mockery?

      After over 7000+ memorandums in 2004, by the CityMakers (homeless residents) the clause 1 shelter for 100,000 urban population came in the MPD, 2021. How can they change it now, just to circumvent the orders of the Apex Court and the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi?


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