CT Supreme Court: Overturn Appellate ruling that all Connecticut horses are inherently vicious (Docket #18949)

CT Supreme Court: Overturn Appellate ruling that all Connecticut horses are inherently vicious (Docket #18949)

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      Are CT Horses Vicious Animals

The CT Appellate Court has ruled that all horses in Connecticut are inherenly vicious. Horse owners, barn owners, lesson familys, therapeutic riding facilities and more will all suffer from this ruling. Horses are a big part of Connecticut culture and revenue for the state.

Overturn Appellate ruling that all Connecticut horses are inherently vicious (Docket #18949)

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    • Yvonne Mallard VANCOUVER, CANADA
      • 1 day ago

      horses are not vicious HUMANS that mistreat them are! BAN carriages horses, shipping horses to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered! They are not sent there for being vicious sent there for horse meat - that is sent to the EU!

    • Lori Cammuso SOUTHINGTON, CT
      • 2 days ago

      I found this case to be totally ridiculous. My daughter has Cerebral Palsy. She has been riding horses at a therapeutic riding center since she was 4 years old. She is now 13. She loves being around horses. We have never had any issues with her being bit or injured by any of the horses she has ridden. Children and adults always need to take precaution around any animal that they are not familiar with. It would really be a shame if riding establishments would no longer be able to conduct business because the insurance costs would be to high. My daughter has made wonderful progress from her riding experience. Horses are beneficial for the progress and happiness of children with special needs.

    • Gregory T. Norrie MADISON, CT
      • 10 days ago

      I earned an Assoc. Science Equine Science degree in 1986.I have been involved with horses for over 30 years, and I have not seen anyone bitten by a horse in such a manner. In that time, I have been bitten twice, kicked, and hit by children in riding lessons. By most arguments, in my experience, this would make children more vicious than horses. But they are not, and neither are horses.

      I have seen many instances on the positive end of the spectrum of children with physical, physiological, learning, autistic, and social issues being helped by their interactions with horses. Many adults consider horses and time with horses as a therapy for helping them deal with life's stresses.

      Horses are a common sense animal and a person needs to behave in such a fashion. Fingers and carrots look very similar, but feeding a horse by hand, in the proper way, makes accidents rare. Hiking a child up and putting him in the face of a horse can have consequences if the horse sees him, in an instinctual manner, as a threat (how a bobcat or coyote would leap at a horse), or as a pecking-order determiner (horses nip each other while raising their heads higher to establish their place sometimes), or as hey, is that hay being tossed over the fence?

      I was not there so I do not know the particulars of the case. I do know that classifying horses as vicious will impact the state in a negative fashion. At one time, Connecticut had the highest number of horses PER CAPITA, and the industry is a significant contributor to the state economy today. I can see how many would have a stake in raising insurance rates, reducing the number of horse farms and establishments for development, and generally 'do away' with horses and their support. Many people see horse ownership and riding as the realm of the rich 1% and feel making horse ownership and management harder will punish them. Not So, they will always have thier ponies. But, the stable workers, horse sports people, College and University Riding Teams, leisure rider, at-risk children and children who benefit from horse interaction activities, farm and feed suppliers, and enthusiasts such as myself all stand to loose if this label of vicious is allowed to stand as applied by a court of law.

    • Jo-Ann Hudaverdi GUILFORD, CT
      • 11 days ago

      The words of another suuporter I read says it just as I feel. Horses are intelligent, powerful, helpful and lovable creatures who are hard working, loving, patient and protective of their rider. They are extremely trainable and valuable assets to farmers, police, and military. Throughout history, they have helped to build our nation's agriculture and commerce industries, and gone to the battlefield with our soldiers. As recreational companions, they bring joy, pleasure, and the opportunity for exercise and a connection to nature, which leads to better health,stamina, and reduces stress.

    • kelley Douglass WESTON, CT
      • 15 days ago

      This is crazy. People just need to use common sense and respect for large animals of all kinds.


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