CT  Parole Board: Please recommend pardon for Clayton Gordon
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CT Parole Board: Please recommend pardon for Clayton Gordon

    1. Kimberly Wierzchowski
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      Kimberly Wierzchowski

      Bloomfield, CT

My fiancé Clayton Gordon served honorably for seven years in the United States Army and is the father of two U. S. citizens. He came to this country as a legal permanent resident when he was 6 years old and has lived here ever since. He was detained by immigration authorities on June 20, 2013 and charged with being removable from the United States based on his 2009 controlled substance conviction, even though the local authorities who prosecuted that offense, released him shortly after his arrest. Clayton pleaded guilty to possession of controlled substance with intent to sell, and served three years of probation and never spent a day in jail.

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a class - action in Massachusetts challenging the legal right of the government to hold Mr. Gordon without allowing him the possibility of being released on bond while his case is pending. The most recent decision by the Connecticut immigration Judge deemed Clayton deportable for the crime that he was convicted of and successfully served his sentence.

Clayton‘s detention has harmed his family and community. It has deprived his children of an important caretaker and of the love and support that they need. Clayton is an involved and caring father for his two boys and serves as a father figure for several of his nieces and nephews who do not have active fathers in their lives. He also helps to provide and care for his sickly mother who has been battling cancer for several years.

As a child Clayton grew up in areas of chronic economic distress with drugs, poverty and violence. In fact his younger brother Derrick was shot and killed in 2011 in Hartford CT. Clayton is now the only surviving son of his ill mother.
Clayton had run his own contracting business. Committed to giving back to his community, he was renovating a property in an economically depressed area into a transitional home for single mothers coming out of incarceration – a project that he himself started and that, without him, is on hold.

Our son Dillon is now three years old. He sleeps with his Daddy’s picture hoping to see him in the morning. Clayton’s older son is 16 and becoming depressed without a father in his life and trying to maintain his grades throughout this turmoil.

I can’t imagine life without Clayton. I can’t imagine telling Clayton Jr he has to do his school projects alone and telling our youngest son Dillon that his Daddy can’t take him fishing and bike-riding anymore. I can't live with the possibility that these boys may never see their father again and I won’t. I will never stop fighting to bring Clayton back home for us to be a family again. The United States is the only country that he knows as home and had served honorably for seven years to keep other families together and safe.

I believe that if enough people sign this petition, the Connecticut Parole Board and Governor Malloy will see that the public supports Clayton’s release and will do the right thing and allow him to remain here in the US with his family. I hope that you will sign this petition and help begin to right this wrong.

The Governor of CT, CT Parole Board
We respectfully request that you make the right decision and recommend pardon for Clayton Richard Gordon. This petition is in full and complete support of Clayton Richard Gordon release. It’s time for Clayton to come home now.


Kimberly Wierzchowski

[Your name]

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    • Linda Zizzamia COVENTRY, CT
      • 8 months ago

      I am a very good friend of Kim's ("Kimmie's") Aunt Joann, have met Clayton, Kimmie and Dillon several times, and find Kimmie and Richie to be hard-working, responsible, loving parents. I make this statement based on my personal knowledge of the family. I do not believe that a father, future husband, and dedicated veteran who was willing to die for this country should be ripped from his family and the only country he has known from a very young age. My grandfather, a Jewish Russian immigrant, escaped from Russia on a freighter during the Bolshevic Revolution. He came to the United States, became a member of the U.S. Army, fought in World War I, and for many years was very involved with the American Legion and VFW. He was a hard working, proud "American" because he had the opportunity to become just that. Please give Clayton Richard Gordon the same opportunity.

    • Thomas Light MIDDLETOWN, CT
      • 10 months ago

      He's a good father and friend.

    • Lynn Coville NEW HAVEN, CT
      • 10 months ago

      Please restore this young family by bringing home the father. Clayton Richard Gordon is an important member of his family and his community. We need more dedicated workers and men in our communities helping raise their families. Please allow Clayton to come home.

      Lynn Coville

      Westbrook CT

    • Barbara Fair NEW HAVEN, CT
      • 10 months ago

      A soldier fights for this country and is not detained by it is a disgrace. America release this young man and allow him to return to his family. W all deserve a second chance.

    • Megan Fountain NEW HAVEN, CT
      • 10 months ago

      Mr. Gordon should be allowed to post bond so that he can return home to his son and fiance in Connecticut. He paid for the drug charge years ago by completing probation. According to the Connecticut Superior Court, Mr. Gordon is not and has never been a danger to society. There is no logical reason to keep him in immigration prison.


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