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State Representative Gary Holder-Winfield
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Connecticut State Representatives and State Senators: Please Support a Cottage Food Law in CT House Bill HB-05815

    1. Diana Gomez
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      Diana Gomez

      Fairfield, CT

We are petitioning our Connecticut state legislators to enact a Cottage Foods bill, authorizing Connecticut Department of Environmental Health and local health departments to issue customized “Home Bakery” licenses/permissions to residential kitchens for the purpose of selling non-potentially-hazardous bakery products, such as, but not limited to: breads, cakes, doughnuts, pastries, buns, rolls, cookies, biscuits, and pies (except meat or cream pies). The current bill is HB-05815

This law will help create employment opportunities for state residents to become food entrepreneurs. It is acknowledged that the cottage food laws may require food processors to pay a license and/or permit fee. It is this licensing requirement that could bring in money for the entire state or partially pay for any cost incurred for additional regulatory program operations. This law will also allow small commercial bakery owners to operate from a home-based location should their business revenues start to decline due to changes in the economy.

Cottage food laws have been passed in 31 other states, is pending on 3 states and 5 States have a Restricted Cottage Food Law, some of them as recently as within the last twelve months. The success in these states gives us hope that Connecticut can and will follow suit to help small business owners succeed in a growing market, providing new opportunities for local entrepreneurs, as well as create new jobs. Current state law requires a DPH to approved separate kitchen for any home based bakery, the lack of affordable commercial kitchens and the non existence of community or incubator kitchens, makes it practically impossible for home bakers to operate in Connecticut under current state law. A statewide Cottage Food Law could change that and help contribute to the continued growth of Connecticut's economy for years to come.


Connecticut State Representatives and State Senators, State Representative Gary Holder-Winfield
Please Support a Cottage Food Law in CT House Bill HB-05815

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    • Victor Cotner PRESTON, CT
      • about 6 hours ago

      Home baked food tastes so much better than massed produced bakery items.

    • Keleigh Baretincic PRESTON, CT
      • 1 day ago

      I wanted to start selling my homemade BBQ sauce a few years back and was not able to due to the financial burden of having to have a commercial kitchen in which to produce the sauce for public sale.

    • jennifer johnson EAST HADDAM, CT
      • 1 day ago

      Lobbyists forcing us to eat commercially baked products (Hostess, etc) is no reason to ban small businesses. License them. Inspect them. Let's us enjoy them! They're products are better for our health and our economy!

    • Samantha Childs PRESTON, CT
      • 1 day ago

      I know a few people who are amazing bakers and would help with income and would be able to share their yummy treats.

    • Dawn Cotner PRESTON, CT
      • 1 day ago

      Family loves my rhubarb and would love to other them for sale to the public! We are a retired Navy family of 6 and a commercial kitchen is out of reach for us!


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