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Protect Life-Saving Programs from Devastating Budget Cuts
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Protect Life-Saving Programs from Devastating Budget Cuts

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21,000 babies born with HIV
690,000 children suffer decreased nutrition
1.3 million fewer pentavalent vaccines for children

Children should be more than a number. But this could be the harsh reality if we don’t act now to stop devastating budget cuts to life-saving programs, which make up less than 1% of the US budget.

If we go over the fiscal cliff, all the cuts would be equally applied, but not all the cuts would be equally felt.

It's a scenario that's becoming frighteningly familiar: huge proposed budget cuts to poverty-fighting programs. These cuts mean moms won't receive medicine to make sure their babies are born HIV-free. Bed nets won't get delivered to protect families from malaria. It's time to make sure these cuts don't fall on the people who can least afford them.

Tell Congress we have to protect the world’s most vulnerable.

Protect our investment in life-saving development programs, such as those that fight HIV/AIDS, childhood diseases, and hunger, by preserving the International Affairs account.

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