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Commonwealth of KY: Stop Breed specific banning statewide.
  • Petitioned Ricky Hurst

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Ricky Hurst

Commonwealth of KY: Stop Breed specific banning statewide.

    1. Richards Jennifer
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      Richards Jennifer

      Vanceburg, KY

Pitbulls and other breeds are being banned across the state. Many families are responsible pit bull owners and love their pets as if they were their own children. It is being threatened that pit bulls are going to be taken from homes by force. Thousands of beautiful loving family dogs are threatened to be euthanized. Families are being made to choose to move out of the counties that are banning the breed or giving up their beloved pet, some that have had their babies for 10 years. There are laws in place that state that if a dog bites it is to be put down. These dogs have not bit, they are being targeted specifically for their breed.  

Ricky Hurst, Councilman
Veto Flemingsburg city ordinance 5-13-4 Stop breed specific banning in the complete Commonwealth of KY.

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    • rose cook AUXIER, KY
      • 9 months ago

      it is wrong to kill these dogs . they have been family pets like any other dog . any dog can be forced to be mean just because they are pit bulls don't mean they should be sentenced to death. i have owned 4 pitts and none of the would bite a biscuit it is just the gang banger are causing all of the trouble with this breed.they have been family pets for many of years and they are loyal and obedient animals just like any other dog is.

      it is wrong to take them from there home where they are treated and loved like family by both children and adults

    • rose cook AUXIER, KY
      • 9 months ago

      i am a former owner of a pittbull,

      i loved my dog she was in the news paper and on the news when paintsville tried this in 2009 it didn't work for them then and it want work for them now..you cannot judge a dog just because of it breed that is like blaming a newborn baby for crying .. a pittbull are really go dogs it's all in how you train them any dogs can be mean if mistreated or taught to be mean.u can't blaming them all.just like people that are different.

    • Valerie cool LAKE ELSINORE, CA
      • 10 months ago

      This breed is needed in this world. They put smiles on faces of children & adults across the globe.

    • Victoria Eisenmann RAMONA, CA
      • 11 months ago

      The dog owner is the person who should be held liable. Pit bulls AKA Stafford shire terriers are devoted family animals that only bite if trained to do so or if their owners are endangered. They deserve a fair trial and if trained to attack / fight for any reason other than to protect their owners, then the owner should be held liable. Many dogs bite and don't get put down unless reported to animal control 3 times. The smaller dogs like chihuahuas are the breed that bites more frequently and without cause, but since injuries by them are seldom reported, they are not punished by the same clause. Breed discrimination, is like any discrimination. All animals deserve a fair trial, just like people.

    • Martha Jackson LEXINGTON, KY
      • 12 months ago

      I'm a pit bull mom to 3 beautiful pits and they are awesome dogs, it's not the dogs it the owners/ the ones that train them.


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