Coloradans: Support a New Public Education System

Coloradans: Support a New Public Education System

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      Stand for Children Colorado

We’ve been talking about improving schools for a long time. This year, we have a big chance to give Colorado’s students the education they deserve. But like any success, great schools won’t just happen – they need people like you and me to make them all they can be.

We need you to say it’s time for an education system built on:

New learning standards that will give parents peace of mind in knowing that their children are getting a consistent and rigorous education, no matter where they go to school.

Schools with access to new literacy resources to make sure that struggling readers no longer slip through the cracks.

An updated evaluation system that will give teachers and principals meaningful, consistent feedback on how well they are preparing students for success.

Colorado students need all these changes, and they need you to say you’re on board.

This year, Colorado schools roll out several new changes that can make a difference for our students.

We’ve talked about improving our schools for a long time, but I’m ready to make sure Colorado schools grow to be the best in the country.

I agree that it’s time to come together to give all Colorado students the education they deserve.

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    • James Amidei LITTLETON, CO
      • 5 months ago

      Our education system is broken, and a broken education system is the path to a broken generation.

    • Quill skidmore LAFAYETTE, CO
      • 8 months ago

      I'm a Student In Colorado. I'm a junior at New-vista High-school in Boulder. I've seen my school suffer greatly from budget cuts. I want the best education for me, my peers, and for all the students who will attend my school after I graduate.


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