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Honorable Chief Minister of TamilNadu
School Education Department, Government of Tamil Nadu
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To restore the position of URDU Language in Tamil Nadu.

    1. Ansar Basha
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      Ansar Basha

      Vaniyambadi, India

To whomever it concerns,

We, the Urdu speaking people are very upset that you've hurt our sentiments and feelings by degrading Urdu and making it just a Part-IV subject, in which a pass doesn't even matter to get promoted to the next class. On the other hand, it will definitely make the lives of Urdu speaking boys and girls very difficult to adjust to this drastic change, which will eventually result in dropout of Urdu speaking students. Just think for a minute the fate of Tamil speaking students if they were introduced a new language and told that they'd pass only if they passed in that new language.

As India is a secular country, it is the right of every Indian to pursue education on whatever subject, in whichever language he wants.The change of Urdu to a Part-IV language, in spite of the Urdu speaking community's opposition would be a denial of their basic right.

We make a request that measures be taken such that Urdu is restored its status as a Part-I language, and that the Urdu speaking people don't feel let down.

Each and every Urdu speaking citizen

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    • Dr Krishnan Kandasamy AMBUR, INDIA
      • over 1 year ago

      All people should have equal opportunity to learn education with their mother tongue. If you want sustainable development, we should promote mother tongue based multi-lingual educational systems. Therefore, please restore the position of URDU Language in Tamil Nadu. – Krishnan


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