Highlight this cruelty, apply pressure to get this stopped
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Highlight this cruelty, apply pressure to get this stopped

    1. selina Rogers
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      selina Rogers

      Devizes, United Kingdom

Right now in Moran Market, South Korea thousands of dogs are being tortured for the 60 day dog torture fest called Bok Days.
South Korean children are attending and there are toy dogs for sale with sticks attached, so the kids can take them home and play "torture". Also sex aids are being sold at the festival. They believe if the dog is tortured they will receive the benefits and it will aid their sexual powers.

We are requesting that Ban Ki Moon (Lead on Millennium Education) be made aware of this and take immediate action. We hope the letters will start arriving over the next week or two, as the festival ends on 10th August.

This is a disgusting and barbaric act of unnecessary cruelty. This evil practice has no place in any society and should not be accepted.

Claire Perry MP, Member of Parliament
Highlight this cruelty, apply pressure to get this stopped
Claire please accept this petition as a request for you to highlight this barbaric practice and apply any form of pressure to the powers that be that have any form of influence to get this stopped.
Tradition has no place in this - it is an evil act of pure cruelty

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      selina Rogers
      Petition Organizer

      This petition has been forwarded to my Local MP plus been sent to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO)including their press office. We will keep trying to contact them to get an acknowledgement of this and what they can do to get this stopped! Could you lend your support and email your local MP or the FAO?? Here's their email fao-hq@fao.org.
      We must keep up hope that we will get this stopped!

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    • Roxie Kalis IRVING, TX
      • 2 days ago

      Beating an animal wont help you get it up! its a living creature the only difference between them and you is they don't have a voice to speak up

    • kenji togo TOKUO, JAPAN
      • 3 days ago

      what is your problem???? what is matter with you guys?????

    • Hiroko Taba ANJO-SHI, JAPAN
      • 5 days ago


    • Heather Yachiw HAMILTON, CANADA
      • 17 days ago

      Disgusting, this has to stop now

    • Lexi Williams MINEOLA, TX
      • 26 days ago

      it's wrong.


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