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 Cilvēktiesību pārkāpumi Eiropas dzemdību aprūpē (Latvian text)
  • Petitioned Eiropas Parlamentam

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Eiropas Parlamentam

Cilvēktiesību pārkāpumi Eiropas dzemdību aprūpē (Latvian text)

    1. Petition by

      Human Rights in Childbirth (HRiC)

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    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 6 months ago

      Every day we hear about the dangers of cancer, heart disease and AIDS. But how many of us realize that, in much of the world, the act of giving life to a child is still the biggest killer of women of child-bearing age?

      -- Liya Kebede

      * The message of our campaign is "Make every mother and child count". This campaign is not just about health. It is also a powerful call for radical progress in women's rights and the rights of their children. Too often, the health of mothers and children does not count. In too many parts of the world, they are forgotten.

      -- Liya Kebede


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