Create fresh Electoral Rolls based on National Register of Indian Citizens
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Create fresh Electoral Rolls based on National Register of Indian Citizens

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1. Contrary to the direction by he Chief Electoral Officer, Government of Maharashtra, under instructions from the Election Commission of India , no door-to-door survey was conducted to enter the names of the eligible voters into the Block Level Register

2. Officials have admitted that the task of updating voters lists was outsourced to political parties and some among these were involved in submitting Form 6 and 7 in bulk. This is shocking as Political Parties have a conflict of interest in updating the lists selectively. 

3. The applications received were further outsourced to M/S Atishay Infotech, a Bhopal Based Private company, who prepared the Electoral Roll based on data mailed to them. The role of this company in preparing the lists is unclear. 

4. All addresses in these lists are incomplete and are of less than 10 characters. It is therefore impossible to do any door-to-door visits based on these lists or to audit these lists for their correctness in any manner whatsoever. 

5. Officials claim that there is no archive of earlier lists maintained by the District Officials to serve as a basis for comparison when updating lists of a region. 

6. The Birth and Death registry, specified under the Registration of Births and deaths Act, 1969 (18 of 1969), was not consulted to include or delete names and update the list as required by the Chief Electoral Officer, Government of Maharashtra. 

7. There is no way the list can be certified to be complete or correct by anyone including the officials responsible for preparing it. 

8. The current Electoral Rolls are purely ad-hoc lists of persons as no scientific methodology has been used in preparing these. Nor has there been a scientific basis for splitting the list into different wards or “prabhags”. 

9. A simple analysis of the list based on the CEO’s own reported numbers of census based population in various cities and number of voter registered suggests an over-registration of voters to the extent of 40% across the State. In some electoral wardsthere are more voters than people reported.

The way voters lists are prepared and updated as well as the ad-hoc redistribution of voters into different “prabhags” (electoral wards) give little confidence of any fair play. The elected “representative” in these cases merely is the result of an ad-hoc list of people and is therefore not even the “trustee” of a geographical area whose development according to the “Development Plan” or the greater common good they may protect.

Furthermore while we are highlighting the practices in the Maharashtra voters’ lists this ad-hoc nature of the voter lists is the norm across the country. As trustee to the greater common good of Indians and India we urge you to take cognizance of our observations and request you to immediately:

1. Declare all such ad-hoc lists as invalid and unsupportive of free and fair voting.

2. Order the creation of fresh lists based on the National Register of Indian Citizens under Section 3 (1) of the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003 required under Section 3 (2) and updated in accordance with Section 11 (1) from the Registers specified under the Registration of Births and deaths Act, 1969 (18 of 1969).

3. In order to enable the elected “representative” serve as a “trustee” of the greater common good of the geographical region and those that live within ensure that the electoral wards, assembly constituencies and parliamentary constituencies be treated as unalterable.


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    1. There is growing support for revising the Electoral Rolls

      ElectoralReform Group
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      Many people across different parts of India have supported your petition to update the Electoral Rolls. To make the Election Commission of India act on the petition we are going to need many more parts of India sign up and own the petition.

      Please reach out to your friends, family and contacts to get them to sign the petition and spread it. Please do get your media friends to help reach out this campaign to those who may not be active in cyberspace. Just print out the petition, add signatures and email to the Election Commission of India!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Jaswantm Krishnayya PUNE, INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Election list is the base on which democracy can be built.

      • almost 2 years ago

      If democracy runs on bogus rolls it can't be a democracy at all! election Commission of India, it is your first responsibility to protect democracy. There can be no election reform unless the Electoral Rolls are reformed!

    • Sumana Dey MUMBAI, MA
      • almost 2 years ago

      This is my right.

    • cyrus irani PLAGHAR, MA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Politicians take advantage of the names of the dead people, hence bogus voting, has to stop some where.

      • almost 2 years ago

      This country is democratic and all procedures must be done as per the Constitution of the country.


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