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No asphalt on roads

    1. Arshinder Kaur
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      Arshinder Kaur

      Chandigarh, India

Laying increased asphalt in the name of development of road infrastructure within urban centers, however, in reality to facilitate more cars leads to Urban island effect. This allows a metropolitan area to become warmer than its surrounding areas.
Bringing down trees of larger basal area and high crown density to make way for adding cars add to a reduced carbon sequestration and increased heat trap in these urban areas. These black surfaces absorb significantly more electromagnetic radiation, and causes the surfaces of asphalt roads and highways to heat. The removal of the trees also effects the land surface allowing a haphazard evapo-transpiration which will again effect the water level in the city.
The city administration has to be answerable to its residents on in this situation on why it would not create safer and connected bicycle pathways particularly when our Minister of Environment is speaking of ambitious solutions in this current scenario of climate change.
The city administration has to be responsible when it comes down to school children being transferred the stress to leave for schools in their parents cars everyday.

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