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CBS Television Network (CBS) and Big Brother: Air the verbal violence by Amanda Zuckerman & GinaMarie Zimmerman

CBS Television Network (CBS) and Big Brother: Air the verbal violence by Amanda Zuckerman & GinaMarie Zimmerman

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      Nicole Br

      Boston, MA

We understand that Big Brother is a reality show about watching a group of people who have no privacy 24/7. However, CBS has stood still, allowing verbal violence to play out in front of hundreds of millions of viewers. As a network and a production company that millions of people have entrusted in their homes and daily lives. We are asking that you, CBS, do not censor nor hide the cast members’ verbal violence nor threats that are made toward the other houseguests on Big Brother, when airing on TV.

The 24/7 live feeds have shown on numerous occasions where certain houseguests have made racial, sexist and derogatory comments. We are asking CBS Network to show Amanda Zuckerman, GinaMarie Zimmerman and Spencer Clawson’s verbal offenses made about the other houseguests. Please do not hide the racism and verbal violence made by the house guest. Please include in their verbal offenses in the weekly TV airings.

CBS, you are a network that many pride in watching, please do not fail us by hiding the truth about the cast members of this year’s Big Brother, Season 15.

Verbal Offenses Made by Amanda Zuckerman:
"F*cking Candice, all day today I wanna just f*cking kill her."
“You've been a b*tch c*nt face this entire time. ... B*tch, you wore my f*cking headband …and put it on her greasy-ass nappy hair head."
“You’re f*cking ugly and you’re fat…go f*ck yourself, you f*cking ugly b*tch”
“You can’t put a f*cking muzzle on a pig and that’s what she is, a disgusting pig”
“I want to harpoon her…I want to kill Candice. I want to f*cking sharpen one of those butter knives.”

GinaMarie Comments:

"She is such a degenerate that her own mom didn't even want her." - referring to Candice

Called welfare "n**ger insurance"

"She's white and black, so you know her mom was definitely whoring around."

Spencer Comments:Spencer says, "I like to beat off to child p*rn. Did I ever tell y'all about that?"
"Oh God," says Andy.
"I love it. Beating off to child p*rn is my favorite thing there is."
He continues, "I love it when they're around 3 or 4 years old. My favorite ones are when you can tell they're in a basement."

 *Updates will continue throughout the week (08/13/2013)

Please air the verbal violence and derogatory comments made by Amanda Zuckerman, GinaMarie Zimmerman and Spencer Clawson.

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    • Teresa Teague LAPLACE, LA
      • 10 months ago

      If we allow CBS to use racism for ratings, we are as guilty as they are.

    • Nicole Ballard AUSTIN, TX
      • 10 months ago

      Sigaling out one racist over another is not fair or cool. If Amanda is not exposed, I will not watch another season (and I have watched every season and live feeds since Season 1). Threatening to rape Jessie after murdering her was the extent that I will tolerate.

    • Ronda Noble ARDEN, ON, CANADA
      • 10 months ago

      Amanda is the most vile type of racist. She has "friends" who are gay, black and chinese. She should hang her head in shame.

    • Charlee Hintz EDMONTON, CANADA
      • 10 months ago

      Because she's a disgusting human being

      • 10 months ago


      Check it out......... Amanda's an actress........not a very good one......but her true colors showed through......Bully.........Nasty....


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