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Bullying, Gay Rights, Equality, Suicide, Blinded

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In most bullying cases, the attacker(s) walk away without major repercussions. While the victims suffer post traumatic stress, or in worst cases, commit suicide.

The parents of Kardin Ulysse, a 14-year old junior high student in Brooklyn, are rightfully outraged after their son was blinded during an anti-gay hate crime attack at school. They hope to share his story with the world to finally put an end to the madness. Details follow.

The NY Daily News reports:

“My son is very upset. He says, ‘Daddy, am I ever going to be able to see again?’ ” Pierre Ulysse said Monday.

His son, Kardin Ulysse, 14, has undergone two surgeries on his right eye since the June 5 beatdown at Roy H. Mann Junior High School in Bergen Beach. It is unclear whether the bullies’ multiple punches or the broken shards of lens from his eyeglasses caused the damage to his cornea.

“The doctor says he needs a transplant,” Pierre Ulysse said. “For me to send him to school with two eyes and come back with one eye is really absurd.

“I want the world to know about this,” he added.

Kardin, an eighth-grader, was set upon by a pair of seventh-graders who were calling him a “f-----g f----t,” a “p----,” a “transvestite” and “gay,” according to a Department of Education occurrence report.

The family's attorney filed a notice today to sue the city for $16 million. The lawsuit attests that the city failed to properly supervise the students.

(Source and image: NYDN)

This hate crime should be acknowledged as much as Trayvon Martin's death. A child lost his eye because of the ignorance of his fellow classmates, and this matter should not be swept underneath a rug!

Today, we live in a society where bullying isn't taken as seriously as it should be & people are taking their lives for the pressures of being different. Might I add, I was a victim of a hate crime myself! Whatever happened to the phrase "Land of the free"? If anything, we are still living with chains wrapped around our hands & ankles because we aren't allowed to freely be who we are & love, equally. It appears the governments/ religious leaders are too scared to enforce it!


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    • Leola Webb WASHINGTON, DC
      • almost 2 years ago

      I was a victim of an anti-gay crime in college. The university knew who the men were that attacked me and five other gay friends of mine and did nothing.

      One of my friends was killed for being gay, and the police have still not found who did it.

      I'm signing this petition and making this note to say that enough is enough! We have to stand up and speak out against what we know is wrong, and hate is wrong!

    • blurey reyblu HONOLULU, HI
      • almost 2 years ago

      violence is never the answer. justice must prevail.

    • Jordan nash WADSWORTH, OH
      • almost 2 years ago

      simply beuase i'm bullied

    • Kathryn Williams AUGUSTA, GA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I've had a Gay family member kill themselves due to bullying because he was Gay, and also one of my friends was beat up by four people because she was Bisexual, and she had to stay in the Hospital for five days. They never caught the people who did it either.

    • Akasha Serrano PHOENIX, OR
      • almost 2 years ago

      Gay or straight, you're still a human being with as much rights as anyone else. A lot of people have so many problems because they got bullied as a kid. Why do you think we have evolved like we have?? Mostly everything and everyone is getting worse day by day. This kid was just living his life as who HE is. Why should he be punished for that?


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