Budget Airlines: Reverse your order charging Rs.50 for printing E-Tickets
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Budget Airlines: Reverse your order charging Rs.50 for printing E-Tickets

    1. senthil kumar
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      senthil kumar

      Bangalore, India

Budget Airlines in India have started charging customers Rs.50 for printing E-tickets at airport counters.

After Jet Airways, now Spicejet and IndiGo Airlines also started charging this fee from passengers taking print outs of their e-tickets from the airlines counter at the airports.

The printing of e-tickets has always been a complimentary service from the airlines to their customers and has been used by people who had to take flights in a rush or during emergencies. While the Airlines no more sell tickets at low prices and rake millions in profits we are forced to pay higher fees for a service that was free in the first place.

Please join me in calling SpiceJet and other budget airlines to withdraw their decision to charge this unnecessary fee from passengers to get their E-tickets printed.

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3 more airlines charge for e-ticket printout

After Jet Airways, SpiceJet and IndiGo to charge passengers for printing e-tickets-


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