bring back Cartoon Cartoon fridays!
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bring back Cartoon Cartoon fridays!

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in 1999 a block started on cartoon Network simplely known as Cartoon cartoon fridays which aired what we know as the original Cartoons Cartoons it brought us show's like Ed Edd n Eddy Johnny Bravo Courage the cowardly dog Dexter's laboratory and the powerpuff girls it was one of the greatest thing's that carton network ever did.......but sadly in 2000 it ended and they replaced it with crappy live action shows IT'S CALLED CARTOON NETWORK NOT live action network this is why we need to come together and bring back our cartoons so that our childen can go through the golden age of cartoons like we did and we can go right back down memory lane

Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network Studios
bring back Cartoon Cartoon Fridays!

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      • about 1 year ago

      this was a awesome time in my childhood it made me into the person Iam today


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